Kerassentials Reviews (Hidden Truth) Scam Concerns Or Does It Really Work For Toenail Fungus?


Kerassentials is a blend of natural oils and minerals with numerous benefits for nails and skin, particularly against fungal infections. According to the official website, it is an easy-to-use product that prevents the fungus from spreading and infecting other nails and skin. 

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Fungal nail infections are highly prevailing in middle to old-age people and are often seen in people with low immunity. There is no special reason these infections target some people while others seem immune to them. Fungi are opportunistic microbes; they only start an infection when the natural defensive system is poor. It appears degraded, discolored, brittle, and foul-smelling nails that often break from the bed. Anything that heals the nail and skin and works on the immune system at the same time can increase the chances of recovery from fungal infection. 

It is better to follow a preventive approach than to rely on medication later. And for this, nothing works better than Kerassentials, a serum that is equally good as modern medicines, except that it is helpful during the primary stages only and does not ‘treat’ the infection. Read this detailed review of Kerassentials to understand how it works. 

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Kerassentials Reviews – Prevalence of Toenail Infections 

Fungal nail infections are medically called onychomycosis, and according to the Center For Disease Control And Prevention, they affect 14% of the US population. The cases of onychomycosis on toenails are more frequent than fingernail infections. Most times, they start as discoloration with no discomfort or pain, which is why people do not take them seriously, giving them a full chance to spread. If you are not bothered about how your nails look, there are high chances you will not feel a thing unless the nail is broken or a bacterial infection coincides with it.

There is not one but numerous fungal strains that can trigger fungal infections. Whenever there is an entry point, such as a crack or wound, fungal strains make their way inside and start spreading. It can affect anyone, but adults with weak immunity, diabetes, vascular issues, and fungal skin or hair infections are more likely to get them. Sometimes a bacterial infection starts at the same time, making the nails harder to heal. Fortunately, an early care and hygiene plan can save you from this trouble, and Kerassentials is one such product that could help.

It is a serum that comes in a 15ml pack. This one pack has 30 doses, which means it is enough for the whole month if used by a single person. The users are expected to apply it directly to the nails and skin (affected area only). Within a few weeks, it shows visible improvement in the condition, allowing the nail and skin to heal. Continue reading to know the ingredients inside and the pricing details. 

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What is Kerassentials?

As mentioned before, Kerassentials is an antifungal serum made from premium natural ingredients. According to the official website, it offers natural healing by controlling fungal spread, inflammation, and other issues caused by it. These ingredients also improve skin healing and fix the damage caused by the fungus. 

It is created by a medical expert named Dr. Kimberly Langdon. The information on the website suggests it is an oil-based formula that is applied to the affected nail and skin. The regular use of this product makes the skin and nails heal and remove the stains, discoloration, smell, brittleness, and damage caused by fungus. 

Kerassentials does not require any prescription to purchase and is considered an over-the-counter product. It is much better and safer than using synthetic medicines that offer long-term side effects and are too harsh on the body. The herbal ingredients are gentle on the body, and the healing time may be longer than medicines, but it has no side effects, even if you use it for months or years. 

You can stop using Kerassentials anytime you want. There are no withdrawal effects at all. Once you see the infection is completely gone and the nails and skin are healed, you can put a stop to it. There is no waiting time, and you can start using it again whenever you need it next. 

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Working of Kerassentials Antifungal Serum

The ingredients inside Kerassentials work on the root cause of toenail infection, which is the excessive growth of fungus. Usually, these fungal strains are already present in the environment, but they only get to infect the body when they see an opportunity. Usually, when there is an entry point and favorable conditions for fungal growth, such as moisture, and humidity, the spores germinate and infect the nail. This infection can spread from one nail to another and even transfer from toenails to fingernails. 

People that do not take care of their personal hygiene, do not dry their feet properly, or wear improper shoes are the easiest victims of these infections. Having an underlying condition further increases this risk. Kerassentials ingredients offer complete relief from infections caused by these common fungal strains. It may take a long time to heal as fungal infections are very stubborn and keep coming back in most cases. Continue using the serum until the recurrence stops. Do not skip any day, or the effects may be delayed. Also, take care of your body hygiene while using this product, or it will not help. 

Is Kerassentials Created by a Doctor?

As mentioned on the official website, Kerassentials serum is created by Dr. Kimberly Langdon. There is not much available on him, but some sources suggest she is a medical expert with a vast experience in research. Her prime area of interest was skin; however, considering the severity and close relationship between skin and nails, she started looking for a two-in-one solution. 

Dr.Langdon has combined her expert knowledge of pathogenic fungus and bacteria to create this formula that is now available as Kerassentials. She went through hundreds of studies and selected some plants with the highest medicinal value. The purpose of creating this product was to give people an easy remedy that works as good as medicine but is cheaper and more convenient than medicines. 

Information on Kerassentials Ingredients 

The information on ingredients helps determine the potency of a product. Also, it reveals that a company has no secrets and only uses the best ingredients. The ingredients list for Kerassentials serum reveals all herbal names, showing the company has picked only plant-based ingredients (plant-infused oils) to create this formula. The manufacturing takes place in the US under the highest quality standards. The final product is tested and verified through third-party labs and carries no risk for health. 

The Kerassentials ingredients include Lavender Oil, Vitamin E, Tea Tree Oil, Clove Bud Oil , Manuka Oil, Flaxseed Oil, Aloe Vera, Almond Oil , and others.

The formula as a whole has not been tested through a study, but every ingredient added to this formula has scientific proof of its efficiency. There are plenty of individual studies confirming the effects of these ingredients, and you can easily check them online. Lavender oil, for example, has proven anti-stress and immune-boosting effects. It is very gentle on the skin and improves the chances of faster recovery. 

Flaxseed oil, added in Kerassentials, is 100% organic and offers inflammatory control. It also offers numerous antioxidants to the body, supporting natural immunity. Likewise, almond oil and Tea Tree oil in this formula have antimicrobial benefits, including recovery from both fungal and bacterial infections. 

Lemongrass oil and aloe vera soothe the skin and prevent recurring fungal infections. Aloe vera, in particular, retains the moisture in the skin and prevents it from drying. 

These ingredients are least likely to trigger an undesirable effect or allergic reaction. They cannot interact with each other and offer maximum safety. If you have sensitive skin or are suffering from a coexisting condition, using this antifungal serum alone may not be helpful. Visit the nearest healthcare center or contact a dermatologist and get an expert opinion on your condition. 

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How to Use Kerassentials For The Best Results?

Kerassentials serum has to be used three to four times per day. It comes in a premium bottle with a dropper inside that can be used to measure the daily dosage. Take a few drops and cover the affected nails and skin. The skin will soak the serum, and you can clean the excessive serum with a tissue or wipe. Keep the oil on for a few minutes, and do not rinse it. 

Do not use an excessively large amount, as overdosing can negatively affect the nails and skin. Clean the nails properly, and make sure they are dry or do not have any ointment or oil before applying Kerassentials. 

Fungal infections take a very long time to heal, and depending upon the stage of this infection, the time to see noticeable changes may vary. The best results can take up to six months or more. The formula contains no harmful ingredients, so you can use this serum for as long as needed for a complete recovery. 

Most Kerassentials reviews and testimonials reveal it starts showing results within six to eight weeks. The improvement includes changing the color back to the original nail color, skin healing, inflammatory control, and skin rejuvenation.  

Where to Buy Kerassentials With Discount? 

The only way to buy Kerassentials is from the official website using this link , and it is not available anywhere else. You may not even find it on Amazon or in local stores and pharmacies. Even if you see someone selling it, know it is a scam, and the company has no reseller or an authorized dealer. Do not trust anyone except the official website to make the purchase. 

The price ranges between $69.00 and $49.00, depending on how many bottles you purchase. The price is highest for single-bottle orders and lowest for buying in bulk. Read the following to know the latest pricing details. 

●    Get one bottle for $69.00 only

●    Get three bottles for $177 ($59 each)

●    Get six bottles for $294 ($49 each)

The delivery is free for US-based customers, and those from other parts of the world have to pay standard shipping charges. Domestic orders are shipped within three to five working days, and international orders can take up to three weeks for delivery. 

If price is not a concern and you just want to be sure about the effects, try the one-bottle pack. Those looking forward to saving money can order three or six packs of Kerassentials and save up to $20 per bottle. The bundle packs also save you from ordering them again and again, as the company has no auto-subscription policy. 

The company acknowledges the customer’s issues with online products, as most people see them as a scam. To win the trust of the customers, it is offering a full money-back guarantee if this product fails to impress anyone. The time to request this refund is 60 days, after which no refund request will be accepted. 

The offer is valid on orders purchased through the official website. If you have purchased Kerassentials from random sellers, the company will not take responsibility for it. The refund seekers must have a record in the company’s sales database. And the refund requests do not proceed unless the order number is verified through the records. 

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There is an active customer support team to help new and existing customers. Drop an email at with your issue and contact details, and a representative will contact you with a solution. 

What Are Kerassentials Side Effects?

The risk of side effects is more when you pick a synthetic product, for example, medicines, and not when using plant-based products. Kerassentials is a herbal formula made with scientifically proven ingredients, with no GMO ingredient, filler, or chemical inside. It is least likely to cause a side effect unless wrongly used. 

Some people may experience mild side effects such as irritation or redness on the skin. However, it only happens when the user has an existing medical condition or uses this oil with a medicine, ointment, or any prescription product. It is better to use one product at a time and never combine Kerassentials with any other product. 

The usage instructions are already mentioned on the official website; every user is expected to read them before using this serum. Do not use it more than four times per day; never use this supplement if you are already under treatment for the same or a different condition. Talk to a doctor to get more details on the safe use of supplements. 

Is Kerassentials Scam or Legit? 

As per the manufacturers, Kerassentials control the fungal spread, improve the nails’ texture, color and integrity and halt the surrounding skin. Normally you may need two or more products to get these benefits, one for fungal control and the other for healing. However, you do not need any additional product if you are using this serum. 

As mentioned before, it is made with natural ingredients only, and there are no artificial ingredients, toxins, and fillers inside. The company also ensures it is free from gluten, animal derivatives, and nuts. People from any skin type can use it, as it has no effect on skin type. 

The production takes place in the USA, in an FDA-approved facility, using the latest machinery, professional supervision, and quality measures. The dosage is precise too, and the company offers various discounts and bundle packs with home-based delivery and refund. This information presents Kerassentials as a product you can trust. It is 100% legit and comes with a solid refund policy. 

Kerassentials Reviews – Final Thoughts 

Kerassentials is a protective serum against stubborn toenail infections that take forever to heal. It is a non-invasive and affordable option to prevent fungal growth, and the best effects are experienced when it is used in the primary stages of infection. 

Kerassentials ingredients offer anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory effects and improve natural immunity. The results show up within three to six months, but it can also be used for a long time, without expecting any side effects. If a customer experiences no improvement within a few weeks, he is entitled to get a refund, with no questions asked. So trying Kerassentials is a win-win situation; either you will get rid of the toenail infection, or you will get your money back. 

Due to more than expected orders, the stock is selling fast. Do not spend days deciding on it and decide while it is still in stock.

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