LoveLife CEO strives to save the future


One of the country’s leading health organizations targeted at the youth, loveLife, has been determined to reduce sexually transmitted diseases through education, discussions and events since it started in 1999.

Linda Ncube-Nkomo, CEO of the organization, is determined to connect with the youth through LoveLife in hopes of reducing the rate of sexually transmitted diseases in South Africa.

Situated in the center of Sandton, loveLife has been at the forefront of informing children, teenagers and young adults on the importance of safe sex with their partners, followed by living a healthy lifestyle.

According to Nkomo, the organization prides itself in the partnership of the youth in hopes of closing the life-threatening gap of fatalities through sexual activities.

“South Africa is leading globally in terms of new HIV infections and has the highest number of people living with HIV. If we are to make inroads in the fight against HIV / Aids, we need to stop the tap of new infections and young people are crucial as we want them to make informed sexual choices. We work with young people primarily within the ages of 10 to 24 years, ”said Nkomo.

So far, the organization has been able to engage with the youth through their peer-to-peer campaign known as groundBreakers. The initiative reaches out to participants using various mediums such as radio, social media, events and physical interaction at their youth centers.

“The organization is deliberate about using trained young people to disseminate the information to other young people because they get each other’s attention and can engage with each other without feeling intimidated or judged.”

Even with the positive changes since its opening, Nkomo is still concerned about the ignorance of some of the youth. “I’ve always been concerned about the declining levels of knowledge around HIV / Aids with young people.

That is why we created and encouraged the youth to make use of our free psychosocial support service where a trained counselor offers guidance to someone who is in need. The caller just has to send a please call to 083 323 1023 and one of our counselors will call, ”concluded Nkomo.

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