Mr. Vijay Chaudhary, Pioneer Of RR Farm Communities On Changing Real Estate Trends


RAM RATTAN: An initiative that’s changing the trend of real estate

Started approximately 40 years ago, Ram Rattan went on to become one of the most trusted and client-friendly real estate endeavors in India. One of the significant changes that Ram Rattan brought is to identify, create and offer client-friendly spaces where one can live, work, enjoy and earn in peace. Ram Rattan’s main concept is to create luxury spaces in rural settings at the most prime locations that have huge potential.

mr. Vijay Chaudhary, Chairman Ram Rattan, is one of the pioneers of Farm Communities. He has been credited for changing the general perception about land. Earlier land was considered to be a conventional investment with limited use. But now land is viewed differently with – high potential strategic locations, multiple uses like second home, organic farming, venue, workplace etc., great returns in a short span, professionally managed premises and built-to-suit option. mr. Vijay Chaudhary’s vision of a transparent and trusted system is coming swiftly into reality as now more and more new-age women are also inclined towards land investment. The women exclusive – NARI Farms & Villas is a perfect example of changing trends & growing trust in real estate. As women are now well aware of the benefits of real estate investments, this industry has already started to witness positive transformation.

Many eminent personalities and organizations are joining hands with Mr. Vijay Chaudhary to share his forward-looking vision of benefitting maximum people through nature and flawless service. He has recently been inducted to some prestigious boards.


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