New Tools for Taking Control of Your Web Browsing


Michael Kalore: Crypto wallets.

Lauren Goode: Cryptocurrency wallet. And I went to doubt. And the permits were just amazing. It was like, if you put this on your browser, we have permission to read, write, edit, edit, do what I think we want with your data when you browse. And I said, “No, not at all.” And so, yeah. And permits are kind of my favorite peeve, depending on their distraction. So yeah, be careful with browser extensions. And if their permits are a bit harsh, do not use an add-on browser, as you think it will make life easier.

Michael Kalore: Speaking of extras. Matt, just get back to DuckDuckGo for a minute. It’s in beta now, but do we know when the browser will get more?

Matt Burgess: As a result he said he was currently looking at construction in more flexible ways to work without interfering with people’s privacy or other types of preferences or permissions that we are just talking about. The reason is not one that has a date here, but it is something they are looking at, and it could happen in the future. Like someone who has been trying this for a few days, I hope it comes when it comes to the first start. And this comes out in beta, but it is still unknown, and scared.

Lauren Goode: Well, let’s take a quick break again. And then when we come back, we’ll make up our minds.


Lauren Goode: Well, Matt, as our distinguished guest this week, what are your thoughts?

Matt Burgess: When I came to the show, this was a bit of a thing that worried me a lot, coming up with something that wouldn’t be so weird. So I went with the simple method of book. And the book is Woman in Polar Nighta book about the Austrian artist Christiane Ritter, who traveled to a remote Arctic island in 1934. about being one of the only people living in the far Arctic, and as a hunt for polar bears, and all of which, which comes with staying away from the group.

Lauren Goode: Oh. I want to read this. I want to do it. I just want to live. Remove Twitter permanently.

Michael Kalore: Nowadays, I bet you can still find Twitter on the remote Arctic island.

Matt Burgess: So another option I would bring up is something that, as it has changed in the spring, like a few weeks ago, I really like, and with pomegranate seeds, like in many salads and all this, just chop the pomegranate seeds in it, to keep you healthy extra and a feeling of springtime.


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