Salim Diwan Not Just A Reel Hero But A Real Hero

Bollywood celebrity and actor Salim Diwan has embarked upon a commendable job in making India drug-free and has given wings to his Nobel campaign with a vision and motto of “NashaMukt Bharat” or “Drug-Free India”, which has taken to the skies and is now soaring high on its success. He, along with his dedicated team of professionals, has painstakingly and meticulously set up a network of one lakh doctors spread across the various states of the country. He has conducted lakhs of free medical camps across the nation to treat this menace of addiction and, as a result, close to 20 lakh people have been successfully cured of various types of addiction within the country to date, earning the blessings of thousands of families who were vexed with the curse of addiction.

Salim Diwan along with his acting career continues to work in the social sector and is also involved in many types of philanthropy as well. The true meaning of heroism or the real meaning of being a hero is actually to help the needy and the downtrodden with human acts of kindness which can result in bringing positive changes in society. Salim Diwan believes that the basic function of any human being is to help others without expecting anything in return besides, working in the interest and betterment of society. This itself is a rare thought process in this modern age which speaks a lot about his personality besides inspiring awe and determination and also serves as a model for other such worthy individuals. His inspiration comes from his father, DrSalauddinChopdar who had always been a messiah for the poor and needy and had always strived to make this society a better place to live and was actively involved in many philanthropic activities throughout his life.

Continuing with his father’s legacy, this industrious son, Salim Diwan too has taken a vow to continue with his father’s work and tirelessly serve humanity and also to make India addiction-free in the days to come.
The National Crime Records Bureau states that in our country between 2017-19, close to 2,300 people died in India due to excessive intoxication and drug consumption, the maximum number of people being in the age group of 30 to 45 years. Taking into account the young lives lost due to this evil, Salim Diwan with his team of professionals started to arrange many de-addiction-related free medical camps across the country and opened specialized centers with the help of Doctors in every nook and corner of our country stretching from Kashmir to Kanyakumari in all States, Districts, Talukas, and Theshils and created an elaborate network with close to one lakh Doctors and started dispensing free ayurvedic medicine to the people who were into substance abuse and alcohol addiction. This was done by creating a very effective ayurvedic formulation of herbs and other herbal extracts which resulted from extensive research by a team of dedicated professionals. The vision of Salim Diwan now is to make these medicines within hands reach to around 6 crore affected people in the country.

This humanitarian and silent philanthropist, Salim Diwan, is also the managing director of an Ayurvedic herbal company, which has been set up keeping in tune with international standards with top certification from various concerned authorities. This is now known as the RAPL Group, with which about one lakh doctors across the country are associated. With this setup of doctors across the interiors and micro-interiors of the country, lakhs of people are getting free-of-cost de-addiction medicine for alcohol, gutkha, and all types of drugs. Besides treating addiction, patients with joint pain, asthma, diabetes, and many more common and life-threatening diseases are also given medicine in these free medical camps.

Currently, more than 2100 free medical camps over a year are being organized in collaboration with private medical practitioners across the country, which speaks volumes of this noble vision for which millions of families have extended their support and blessings.

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