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A septic system is an effective method of treating waste water. It requires little maintenance and lasts for long periods. Septic tanks are eco-friendly and can save you lots of money if you maintain them well.

The catch is that you may encounter blockages and foul smells, which are common among household refuse systems. These unpleasant symptoms can affect your health and living environment if left untreated.

Finding the cause can be difficult and expensive when one of the symptoms mentioned above occurs. Due to the many causes of septic system failure, a one-stop solution is your best bet.

Septifix treatment tablets get rid of odors, destroy bacteria, and prevent clogging. The tablets have many promising features that aim to solve all your septic tank issues. Let’s find out more.

Septifix Overview

Septifix tabs are oxygen-releasing septic tank treatment tablets that you flush down your toilet. The tablet dissolves as it travels down the system and releases up to ten liters of oxygen.

Moreover, Septifix tabs include bacteria that feed on the residual waste that may be lingering in the septic tank. Besides, oxygen encourages the growth and development of decomposing microorganisms. Due to this, Septifix tabs release oxygen so that the microorganisms can decompose waste.

Furthermore, sodium carbonate is an excellent chemical for treating pipe systems. Many people use it to unclog their drains. The alkaline substance is water-soluble and can soften water particles. Sodium carbonate neutralizes wastewater’s pH balance, which makes the water safe and non-toxic. The chemical works on the waste water after the bacteria, before it leaves the system to be reused.


Septifix tabs are concentrated enough to work on the entire tank. Septifix tablet manufacturers have ensured each tablet implants itself in the dirt before clearing it up. This is due to the corrosive properties of sodium bicarbonate included in the tabs. As a result of this long-lasting effect, you won’t need to pump your septic tank regularly.

The tablets include billions of aerobic bacteria, which help break down compounds and convert waste into energy. Also included in the Septifix formula are pH-adjusting chemicals. Apart from purifying wastewater, these ingredients also diffuse odors to keep your tank smelling fresh.

Additionally, they prevent the corrosion of sewage pipes and the septic tank. The Septifix tabs are circular and dissolve quickly, so you can easily flush them away.


In America, Septifix is ​​the only wastewater treatment method that releases oxygen. Furthermore, the tabs dissolve quickly and react with Hydrogen Sulfide. As a result, they neutralize foul odors and provide a refreshing scent.

Since oxygen helps bacteria survive, the tablets allow the bacteria in the tank to thrive for over ninety days. Plus, the tablets are free from toxins, so they don’t interrupt your septic tank’s natural conditions.

Each tablet contains roughly 10 billion aerobic bacteria, which reduce the waste’s odor. The bacteria raise the septic tank’s oxygen levels, making it an ideal environment for water detoxification.

Furthermore, many laboratories have independently studied and tested Septifix and its effects. Results show that the water treated by Septifix is ​​clean enough to be released into rivers. That is to say, the product has pH-neutralizing and odor-reducing chemicals.


  • Contains unclogging agent
  • Destroys harmful bacteria
  • Requires minimal handling
  • Eco-friendly
  • Round dissolvable shape
  • Prevent rusting and corrosion
  • Acts as a water pH neutralizer
  • 100% non-toxic
  • Comes in various affordable packages with 60-day guarantees


  • Repetitive process – continuous use over six months
  • Varying outcomes

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do septic treatments work?

Effectiveness mainly depends on the size of the septic tank and the amount of build-up in the system. Apart from that, non-biological septic treatments can unnecessarily damage your system.

On the other hand, Septifix has all-natural chemicals, and many laboratories have tested the resulting water quality. Thus, it is worth a try, especially when you cannot immediately pinpoint the root of the problem.

What packages are available on the website, and which one is best?

You can choose between the six, twelve, and eighteen-month supplies. Each supply comes with a percentage discount and a 60-day money-back guarantee. Moreover, the twelve and eighteen-month supply packages come with free shipping.

The best package is the eighteen-month supply, which is also the most popular for its value for money.

How long must I use Septifix?

Depending on the septic tank size, you can use the monthly tablets for one to eighteen months. For instance, if the tablet fixes your septic tank issue in one month, you don’t have to keep using it. Ideally, advanced blockages need three to four months to treat.

What should I do if Septifix doesn’t work for my septic tank?

You must seek professional advice if you do not notice a change in your septic system’s health. You can book an inspection which could let you know the problem.

What makes Septifix different from other septic tank treatments?

Septifix is ​​the only treatment that promotes healthy bacterial growth in the system. Thanks to the rich oxygen concentration of these tablets. Also, it requires minimal involvement from you or a third party. Finally, Septifix is ​​easy to use and eco-friendly, and works faster than most methods.

The Verdict

Septifix effectively solves various problems you could encounter with your septic system. The chemicals in the round tabs can unclog your drain, neutralize wastewater, and detoxify your septic tank. Flushing the tab down the toilet is all you need to do to start the treatment process. Subsequently, the tab dissolves, and the chemical compounds go to work.

It is an easy, eco-friendly, and cost-effective way to clean your septic tank. Yet, it is not 100% guaranteed to work on all septic system problems. If Septifix doesn’t work, you should seek professional help to examine the problem.

Finally, this treatment is excellent if you want to save money without damaging the environment. Plus, it works fast and leaves your septic tank smelling fresh.

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