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We spent the weekend in Hillsborough with my parents. Here’s our trip recap!

Sir Ducky, the well-loved vintage duck

Summer Visit to Hillsborough

The boys and I just spent the weekend in my hometown with my parents! We had a super relaxing visit. Thomas stayed home because the timing was perfect for him to play in a two-day golf tournament with all of his buddies.

We drove down on Saturday, which went fine with me solo with the boys.

Books for the Boys

When we arrived, Mom had books for each of the boys. A handful of Disney golden books for Birch (he was obsessed with Emerson’s collection at the beach so he got his own).

And Beware The Bugs! just published by our family friends, James and Cheryl Maxey, for Mazen! It’s a collection of 21 short stories all involving bugs. Sounds creepy! Birch actually said to me recently “Mommy you don’t have to be scared of spiders because they just crawl on you.” THANKS BIRCH!

Gallery Younger was open for browsing!

I love the sparkly unicorn!

Mom’s art is all available for sale via her website.

She has sold more than 400 paintings! She can also commission any animal or scene you request, like a kid’s favorite animal and colors.

Here is Katherine Younger Art circa 1999 – LOL!

Also spotted: vintage Beautycounter shampoo!

Beautycounter has a special gift with purchase today and tomorrow! Spend $ 125 and get a free sunscreen lotion!

A vintage worthy of consumption:

Napoli Pizza

For Saturday night dinner we ordered from Napoli Pizza. It’s a similar style to Lampo here in Cville, and the pizzas were delish !! We also had a beet salad and olives.

Duke plates!

Ice Cream Sundaes

Crowded By Ducks

I thought I’d have my own bed, but Mazen and two GIANT animals came in to read next to me.

I’m reading Something in the Water and it’s really good !!

Sloshy Sunday

On Sunday it rained ALL DAY. Not a break in the clouds until 5 pm! We ate pastries, eggs, and bacon for breakfast. Played with Beanie Babies and did 1,000 puzzles. Mom has a great collection of toys and activities.

Leftovers For Lunch

Durham Bulls Baseball Game

Luckily the rain cleared out because we had tickets to see the Durham Bulls! I grew up going to games and hadn’t been in years. The boys LOVED it !!

We had a slight rain delay but it was a blessing because instead of 95 degrees in July it was a cool 70 something. We weren’t hot at all!

“Buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks”

The boys had popcorn and pretzels for dinner, but I was really pleased to find a taco stand and margarita !! Stadium food upgrade!

We left after the 7th inning stretch, but not before going to the gift shop. Mazen got a tiny bat and ball, and Birch got a Wool E. Bull that he hasn’t put down since!

Monday Sunshine

The sun after a day of rain is so very beautiful! We had gorgeous skies and perfect temps. I set off on a nice power walk around town. I visited our old house and my friends’ childhood homes, sending text pictures along the way.

They new owners of my parents’ old house have paved the driveway and built a huge garage. It all looks really nice!

I landed at Cup-A-Joe’s for a morning glory muffin and an iced latte.

I circled back along the riverwalk and home from there.

Back at home they were doing the puzzles again.

We made salads for lunch with lots of summer fruit.

Birch and I packed up to leave – and left Mazen there!

He and Grammie + Pea are going camping! And then from there, Matt is picking him up to go to the lake for a week. We will miss him so much !!


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