‘The Cricket Guide’ Author Parth Velani On What He Loves About Writing A Book

With his most recent book, The Cricket Guide, well-known author Parth Velani has left the readers, and cricket lovers impressed. Cricket is played in almost every lane, every house and by many Indians. So it is a book that will resonate with many who love the sport wholeheartedly. Since its publication, the book has become extremely popular among cricket fans, and as a result of all the support it has received, it has also become one of the bestsellers in India. Parth is on cloud nine, seeing the response in such a short time.

About seeing the response his latest book has received, author Parth Velani shares, “I am elated to see the love coming my way. Cricket is close to my heart and it feels good to see many people showing interest in it. I was confident that the book will receive love. But I wasn’t. I am getting congratulatory and thankful messages on WhatsApp, email and my social media. I am emotional and happy to see my hard work is paying off. I hope the book gets more popular with time, more people read it and share their thoughts.”

Through his book, Parth Velani has already established that he is a cricket lover. But he also loves writing. His love for both things encouraged him to write a book. When asked what he enjoys the most about writing, the author shares, “Writing feels liberating. As humans, we have so many thoughts in our mind. I believe rather than ignoring or storing them in my mind, I will pen them. Whenever I played cricket or watched others playing the game, my mind would think ‘I also want to read about this sport’. So I decided I will try writing. Eventually, it ended up being a book.”

Parth Velani says that what he loves about writing is how it makes one realize how much they love their main subject a lot. While writing his book, Parth’s respect for cricketers at every level and admiration for the game grew.

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