The Top Knot Salon Rises To Game From Tier 2 City To The Big Beauty Industry League


In an age where the salons were struggling to remain indispensable in tier-2 cities, two women resolved to spark a revolution in the industry. The Top Knot Salon has revolutionized the niche of the body-care regime in the salon industry which has created quite a buzz and is sure to redefine lifestyle!

Despite increasing consciousness for self-care, in the busy routine checklists, salon visits barely hobble their way up. People tend to procrastinate self-care regimes because it’s tedious or change their minds right before heading over to a salon because they’re not sure if it’s worth it. However, The Top Knot Salon flips the narrative in the Salon industry with its impeccable full body services and rising Salon and Academy presence from tier 2 cities to tier 1 cities.

The Salon
Two years ago, two passionate and bold women rattled the patriarchal notions associated with entrepreneurship in the very heart of Lucknow. The Top Knot Salon is a body-care and wellness conglomerate founded and directed in 2020 by Mrs. Shama Vig, a skin care and nutrition expert with heavy experience, and her daughter Ms. Sneha Charan, the most seasoned and renowned beauty expert in Lucknow. They introduced a holistic body-care and wellness regimen that would save ample time for people by providing an addictive quality of services in a neat, professional, and delightful surrounding under the same roof, so people do not have to hop places for different services. Additionally, it is set to throw you into the healthy habit of indulgent self-care and pampering.

Sneha considers salon time as a therapeutic affair of personal luxury as well as a community experience. Therefore, the premise is designed thoughtfully, keeping in mind the stress levels of the time to provide a calming environment for people of all genders and unwind from the impacts of the stress, anxiety, and deterioration that are externally evident on the face, hair, and skin.

They provide exemplary full body pampering with natural products, veteran and modern stylists, and hygiene to not only make people look great but feel happy, refreshed, and beautiful inside out when they walk out of the salon.

“With The Top Knot salons, my aim is to address two problems in the industry – firstly, to offer all services under one roof so that the customer does not have to go to different places for different services. And secondly, to create a salon that doesn’t feel like one. I want my customers to feel comfortable, cozy, pampered, and happy when they are here”, says Sneha Charan, Founder of The Top Knot.

The Services
The Top Knot is Lucknow’s favorite place to get the most coveted haircuts by expert hands with custom styles and preferences. The unisex salon is domestically acclaimed for all sorts of grooming services for both men and women, including the latest haircuts, skin treatments, body polishing, detan and exfoliation services, manicures, pedicures, and nails. Their deluxe skin treatment and Ultra-nourishing face treatment are known to be the best and most unique in Lucknow.

The Salon has designated aesthetic space for a spa, skin aesthetics, and body massage. The space is specially designed to unlock warmth, relaxation, and serenity. The skin aesthetics services include high-end hydra facials, PRP treatments, Meso, Laser, Botox, and fillers with the technical expertise of trusted dermatologists. Their Body Wraps and Pure Sea body spa are among the most acclaimed services in Lucknow and Kanpur.

“I love everything natural and hence have taken special care to provide only the natural and organic products to my customers through our retail section,” says Sneha. TTK has come up with skin and hair treatments packed with the goodness of organic and natural products for lasting skin and hair health.
The Top Knot Salon also dominates the bridal domain in the city. Sneha has been a renowned name in the bridal industry for over a decade now. The professionals at The Top Knot are some of the best celebrity makeup artists in Lucknow working under Sneha’s expertise. They specialize in stellar bespoke bridal hair and makeup styles that are indisputably appreciated.

The Academy
The Top Knot also runs a makeup and beauty academy for budding artists of all levels, from beginner to professional. There is a sophisticated range of specialized courses to choose from, that are designed to hone the skills of the artists to perfection. They cater to the different levels of learning, from crash courses to self-grooming courses, to advanced and intensive professional hair and makeup courses. These courses ensure instilling a sense of aesthetics and help the students to understand the science behind creativity. They aim at providing a hands-on learning experience to the students, preparing them for real-life application with the best techniques and skills.

Moreover, there are internship opportunities for the learning students to help them build a strong and promising portfolio in their journey to becoming professionals. The academy promises life-long relationships with its partners and friends to support them throughout their career journey.
Ever felt guilty about making time for work, friends, and family, just not enough yourself?

The Top Knot is that futuristic zenith of luxury, pleasure, and retreat that we all crave for. These determined women have made such a paradise a reality for all those people who value quality experience and look forward to a delightful retreat along with top-class grooming, skincare, and wellness services.
You are welcome to come and see for yourself and visit the Top Knot Salon for your Aha moment, one that you would want to relish over and over again!


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