Those End Of Summer Blues (and Greens)

Here’s a recap of our last few weeks of summer!

Birch Started School Yesterday!

He went to the same classroom and teacher as last year, so the transition went well! He was excited to see his friends. (And missing one very VIP friend – you know who you are <3)

Flowers from Nona’s garden!!

Each child is asked to bring in a cut plant or flower on the first day.

Birch is very proud he is now a Big Boy!

I got those end of summer blues

But before school starts, here are some snapshots of our last few weeks of summer, aka the dog days of August!

It’s always so bittersweet when summer comes to an end. Fall is my favorite season, but summer is a VERY CLOSE second, so we are still a little sad. I can’t stand to think ahead about the weather in February. Sometimes I make myself remember that when I’m dripping in sweat.

Big Boy Lunch at Brazos

While Birch was still in camp but Mazen was home, we had lunch together at Brazos before going back-to-school sports and school shopping. We both agree: they have the best cheese sauce ever!!

Triple Pickle + This Is My Yam are my favorites. Surprisingly, they are both vegetarian tacos!

Water Balloon Fight!

On the hottest day. Hence the umbrella!

We watched the fight from the porch in the shade 🙂

Mommy & Me Time

Once Mazen was back to school, Birch and I had about 10 days one on one. I am exhausted, haha.

We did some at-home lessons on the USA.

Picnic with Dad

Thomas took him to Sugar Hollow on a picnic!

Water Table Splashing

We cleaned the leaves out of the water table and broke it out for an afternoon. This is probably the last time we’ll use it since Birch had more fun cleaning it than he did standing at it! Let me know if you’re a local who would like it.

Splash Park

Continuing the water theme, we went to the pool several times and to the splash park! Birch is no longer scared of the squirting water – it’s his new thing!

Cicada Hunting

We discovered lots of cicada shells on the trees in our yard. Birch collected them.

And then in little boy fashion, he promptly crushed them all in the driveway….

We found one alive on the garage wall! B has learned to say “I love the sound of cicadas” since I say that all the time.

Play Play Play

We played with slime…

with friends…

And their cats!

Back to School Haircut

Are you even a kid if you don’t get one!?


I got in a few Peloton workouts. Birch loved it when I did Disney rides! (And was mad when they played Disney songs he didn’t know.)

We also played a lot of Aladdin and went up and down the stairs many times to pretend we were in the Cave of Wonders.

There were also some walks! And I went to some gym classes here and there.

Date Nights

Thomas and I had two date nights to balance out all the make believe.

Red Pump Kitchen

The first was to Red Pump Kitchen to celebrate his friend John’s birthday! Our friend Anna joined too and we had a delicious 4-course meal that made us feel very much like adults 🙂

The Wood Brothers + Greensky Bluegrass

Our second date night was to a concert. We started the night with margs at Zocalo and ended with a laser light show!

That’s a wrap!

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