Two Gaming Coins To Choose Amid The Ongoing Bear Market


As the bear market rages on, a particular category of crypto stands out within the cryptocurrency industry due to its various use cases and real-life applications. Gaming coins, which gained mainstream attention due to the increased interest in the metaverse, have become major players within the cryptocurrency industry and are increasing in value daily. Gaming coins are native to crypto-based gaming and virtual reality platforms and often facilitate crypto-related activities on said platforms, such as buying, selling, rewards and network governance. With the increased attention on the GameFi industry and the crypto-gaming space, gaming coins would naturally grow in popularity, relevance and value. prices continue to fall due to the extreme market volatility courtesy of the bear market, providing a unique opportunity that investors should take full advantage of. Long-term cryptocurrency investment in select gaming coins could reap massive rewards in the long run, and in this piece, we discuss two viable gaming coin options. Here is all you need to know about Axie Infinity (AXS) and MetaCryp Network Token (MTCR).

Axie Infinity (AXS)

Axie Infinity (AXS) is a blockchain-based trading and battling game inspired by popular games like Pokémon and Tamagotchi that allows players to collect, breed, raise, battle and trade token-based creatures known as Axies. These assets can take various forms and are represented by Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Axie Infinity (AXS) allows a lot of flexibility, meaning that users can perform many actions with their axies, such as breeding them, enhancing their body parts and selling them on the Axie Infinity marketplace.

AXS, Axie Infinity’s native cryptocurrency, plays an essential role in its operation and ecosystem. AXS facilitates various activities on Axie Infinity, such as buying and selling on the Axie marketplace, rewards and network governance. AXS token holders can participate in crucial governance votes and have a say in how funds in the Axie Community Treasury are spent. AXS also facilitates staking for security and rewards on Axie Infinity.

Since it is an industry-leading gaming coin and a top 50 cryptocurrency by market cap, AXS is available on several top crypto platforms within the cryptocurrency industry, such as Binance, Huobi Global, Coinbase, FTX, Bithumb, KuCoin, and Kraken.

MetaCryp Network Token (MTCR)

MetaCryp Network Token (MTCR) is native to the upcoming Binance Smart Chain (BSC) based crypto platform, MetaCryp Network, which seeks to become the world’s first GameFi space metaverse that offers world citizens a space to have intense fun and forget about the stress of daily living. MetaCryp Network exists to function as a next-generation

community-centric ecosystem based on crypto assets and an ideal environment for thrilling and exciting experiences.

The MetaCryp Network Token (MTCR) is essential to the affairs of the MetaCryp Network and exists to facilitate several operations such as rewards and network governance. The token also facilitates entry and participation in the MetaCryp metaverse, among other functionalities.

MetaCryp Network Token (MTCR) goes on presale in the coming weeks and will reward early investors immensely. One such reward is the 9% additional token that comes with purchasing MTCR during the first stage of its presale. See more information on MTCR here.




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