Vitamins And Minerals To Boost Energy Levels

For a lot of people, energy supplements are a necessity. Without them, a growing percentage of us siply couldn’t make it through the working day withiout experiencing severe physical and mental fatigue. 

There are now hundreds of energy supplements on the market, and all of them promise the same things: increased energy metabolism, reduced physical and mental fatigue, enhanced physical performance, and improved cognitive function, to name just a few. 

But obviously, some enery supplements are better than others. Not every supplement on the market will really work as advertised. Only the very best energy supplements can boost energy levels, help lower physical and mental stress hormones, and help fight chronic fatigue syndrome, all without causing side effects or causing you to have difficulty falling asleep. 

In this buying guide, we’re going to review and rank the 6 most effective supplements for energy you can purchase right now. All of the supplements below have been scientifically proven to boost energy metabolism, alleviate fatigue (including chronic fatigue syndrome), and enhance mental performance all without causing serious side effects. 

Best Energy Supplements 

Below is our list of the top energy supplements on the market right now. These stacks and single ingredient dietary supplements can all massively boost energy metabolism, reduce fatigue and help keep you awake and productive without causing side effects or energy crashes. 

Here are the best energy supplements accoridng to scientific studies and user reviews: 

  1. Vyvamind 

  1. Theanine 

  1. Caffeine 

  1. Citicoline 

  1. Tyrosine 

  1. B Vitamins 

If you are a chronic fatigue sufferer, you might be wondering if energy supplements are a good option for you. There are many different energy supplements on the market, and finding the right one for you is essential. Whether you have trouble focusing, or you simply need a boost to get through the day, energy supplements are a safe and natural way to improve your energy level. While they can’t replace a healthy diet and exercise, they can be a great way to push back tiredness and fatigue. 

Some of the best energy supplements will be different for you than others, so you should read the ingredients carefully. Each one is specifically designed to target certain areas where you’re experiencing a loss of energy, or areas where you body struggles to produce energy in a healthy, efficient manner. However, there are some supplements that are more effective for everyone than others. 

A good energy supplement should not contain any stimulants. Stimulants like caffeine and ephedra are not healthy and can increase your heart rate and blood pressure. They can also cause drowsiness or a relaxed feeling. Therefore, choose a natural supplement with no fillers, chemicals, or additives. Also, stay away from energy supplements with high sugar content, which may cause a heart problem. 

#1 Best Rated Energy Supplement: Vyvamind 



Vyvamind works as an energy supplement becuase it provides the user with the following: 

  • Rapid increase in mental energy and stamina 

  • Shaper focus and greater concentration 

  • Makes you feel ‘locked in’ on tasks for hours 

  • Faster information processing 

  • Greater motivation to complete tasks 

  • Reduced stress and anxiety 

  • Long-term brain health support 

Vyvamind is a safe and highly effective energy supplement. It contains a clinically-calibrated caffeine dosage which boosts energy and focus without causing a crash. This is supported by 5 other natural ingredients for enhanced focus, increase motivation, and reduce anxiety while keeping you alert and ‘switched on’ for hours on end. 

The ingredients are carefully chosen to maximize their benefits while minimizing the unwanted side effects of stimulants. These ingredients work synergistically to promote a higher state of alertness, concentration, and drive while also improving mental performance and lowering stress levels. 

Importantly, the ingredients in Vyvamind also work to boost dopamine levels, which is responsible for motivation. People who have been using Vyvamind for energy supplements have reported increased productivity and focus. 

Vyvamind is the only energy supplement that also successfully incorporates nootropic components. So it doesn’t just boost energy – it also makes you sharper, more focused, and faster at procssing information. This is what makes it the single best energy supplement on the market right now. 

Vyvamind Ingredients 

Each ingredient in Vyvamind is a market leading supplement to increase energy production. 

Vyvamind Ingredients are a powerful blend of ingredients that work in harmony with your body to help you get more energy. They work by increasing your body’s production of acetylcholine, a chemical that provides a link between the brain and the rest of the body. A higher amount of this chemical can enhance your reaction time, focus, and memory, and improve your ability to process complex information. 

Vyvamind contains a combination of ingredients that boost the brain’s levels of the neurotransmitters norepinephrine and dopamine. These two neurotransmitters are essential for cognitive functions and improve your focus and concentration. They can also enhance your mood and performance when under stress. 

The combination of these two ingredients makes Vyvamind an ideal energy supplement for those looking to increase their overall productivity, improve their athletic performance, or help fight physical fatigue while boosting brain function. 

 Vyvamind is affectionately described as “legal Vyvanse” and “over the counter Adderall” by its fans, which tells you something about how potent an energy booster Vyvamind really is! 

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#2 Caffeine Supplements for Energy 

When it comes to natural energy supplements, caffeine is and is likely to remain the best single ingredient you can use. Of course, stacks like vyvamind are always going to give you more of a bang for your buck, but caffeine by itself goes a long way to being the ideal natural energy supplement. 

Immediately after taking it, caffeine gives almost everybody a palpable energy boost. You have all experienced the instant energy kick you get from a strong coffee or energy drink, so you know exactly what caffeine can do! 

Caffeine works by binding to your adenosine receptors. Adenosine is responsible for controlling sleep, and its binding to receptors is what makes you feel drowsy later in the day. Caffeine therefore tricks the brain into thinking it is no longer tired. It also promotes the release of dopamine and BDNF, which enhances mental performance and brain health. 

It is iportant that you dose caffeine sensibly, or it can serious backfire. Taking more than about 100mg at once is not going to give you any extra benefits but it will make adverse effects almost inevitable. 

#3 Theanine Supplements 

Studies have shown that L-Theanine supplements can increase brain levels of calming neurotransmitters that promote relaxation and sleep. The amino acid may also help to balance the chemicals that cause stress and anxiety. It may also help to protect brain cells from damage caused by ageing. In addition, L-Theanine has the ability to increase alpha brain waves in the brain, which are associated with a state of relaxation and creativity. It can also increase concentration and focus. 

L-Theanine is found in tea and some dietary supplements. Green tea is one of the richest sources of the amino acid. Many studies have shown that theanine in green tea reduces inflammation and supports heart health. Other active compounds in green tea may also contribute to these effects. 

Those who are concerned about the safety of the amino acid should check the label closely. Look for products that do not contain animal byproducts. If you are vegan or vegetarian, it is best to choose supplements that are certified by third-party organizations, such as the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). You can also find supplements that are organic, gluten-free, and GMO-free. 

#4 Citicoline 

Citicoline, or cytidine 5′-diphosphocholine, is a powerful nootropic which enhances cognitive performance, promotes long-term brain health, and increases brain energy levels by as much as 14%! 

Studies have shown that citicoline improves memory and attention in young males and healthy adults. It also appears to improve attention in patients with ADHD. In addition, it has protective effects against brain injury and stroke. It boosts phospholipid levels and reduces free fatty acid release, which reduces ischemia and improves brain health. 

But it is Citicoline’s brain energy boosting effects we’re interested in here! This neurochemical appears to improve mitochondria function within brain cells. This increases brain cell energy metabolism, raising overall mental energy, stamina, and alertness. This is why many people recommend taing Citicoline for both cognitive performance and athletic performance. 

#5 Tyrosine 

Tyrosine is an amino acid derivative that has several benefits for the body, including improving alertness and memory. It has also been shown to reduce cognitive decline during periods of physical or emotional stress, and it may even help protect against sleep deprivation. This substance is commonly found in milk, beef, fish, cheese, and other sources. If you’d like to reap its benefits, however, you’ll need to get plenty of it from food. 

In a study, tyrosine helped participants perform better at work and lessened feelings of fatigue. Unlike caffeine, tyrosine doesn’t cause the negative side effects associated with it, such as increased blood pressure. The amino acid is absorbed best when taken on an empty stomach, so avoid taking it close to bedtime. In addition, tyrosine takes anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes to start working in the body. 

The research on tyrosine is still inconclusive, but the findings are encouraging. It appears to boost working memory, which is necessary for concentrating and following instructions. In one study, 22 participants were given tyrosine or a placebo and significantly improved their working memory scores. It also improved their cognitive flexibility, a key ability to switch between tasks. 

The best way to get enough tyrosine in your diet is by eating foods high in the amino acid. Vegetables such as asparagus, almonds, grass-fed beef, and leafy greens contain large amounts of tyrosine. However, if you’re not getting enough from these foods, you can also take tyrosine supplements. For example, Vyvamind is a tyrosine energy supplement that contains ingredients that help your brain produce dopamine, which is a necessary chemical for many brain functions. 

Tyrosine is an amino acid that helps the body process proteins. It is made by the body and can be found in chicken, milk, and soy products. It’s also commonly used in protein supplements. Some people have a genetic disorder that prevents their bodies from making tyrosine and must supplement it. 

It helps the body create energy and improves the formation of cell membranes. It can also improve memory, focus, and mood. It is a natural alternative to prescription stimulants, and it’s a good choice for those who are looking for daily energy. 

#6 B Vitamin Supplements 

B Vitamins play a crucial role in our energy production. This group of vitamins helps our bodies convert food into energy, and they are especially important for stress management. Taking a supplement containing all eight B vitamins is an easy way to meet your daily recommended intake. Besides being essential for our energy levels, these vitamins are also known to have antioxidant properties. 

The benefits of B Vitamins have been documented in clinical studies. They have been linked to improved mood, energy levels, and brain performance. Several companies are now producing products with a high concentration of B vitamins. These products are easy to take and can be titrated up or down according to your needs. 

Vitamin B12 plays an important role in neurotransmitter production and energy production. Many mass-market energy drinks contain vitamin B12, but if you’re concerned about your daily intake, try to opt for a supplement instead. B12 supplements also contain branched-chain amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein synthesis. They play an important role in building muscle tissue. A good dose of B12 before a workout can improve muscle recovery. 

A proper supply of B vitamins is essential for maintaining proper health. They help the body process carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins. This process helps produce ATP, which is the fuel for the body’s muscle movement. Without a healthy balance of B vitamins, the body may not be able to produce enough ATP. 

In addition to supporting the body’s normal energy production, B vitamins also promote healthy heart function. The full B-complex includes eight vitamins, including B1 and B3. They are naturally found in many foods and are essential to a healthy diet. The best sources include wholegrains, vegetables, and eggs. 

Another important vitamin is vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 is also an essential component of healthy red blood cells, which transport oxygen throughout the body. It is also needed for the nervous system and for the metabolism. Vitamin B6 is also essential for the production of neurotransmitters and amino acids. It also helps red blood cells produce hemoglobin, which is the oxygen-carrying substance in the blood. 

Other Natural Energy Supplements To Consider 

Energy supplements are a great way to boost your energy levels. However, you should also be aware of some side effects. The ingredients in these supplements can have a profound effect on your body. To ensure that you’re not overdoing it, you should check the label first. Some products include fillers or inferior quality ingredients. 

Besides giving you more energy, these supplements can improve brain function. For example, they contain vitamins and nutrients that encourage the proper functioning of mitochondrial cells. They also combat the effects of oxidative stress and support metabolism. Taking these supplements can increase your mental clarity and help you fight brain fog. Moreover, they are safer than prescription drugs. 

How To Choose The Best Energy Supplements 

The simple fact of the matter is, the best energy supplements are the ones that address the causes of low energy rather than just treating the symptoms and plying you with stimulants. 

There are many types of supplements available, and you can stack or take different types at the same time. For example, magnesium is a good choice because it helps increase your energy reserves. Ginseng and shilajit are also good choices for improving energy levels. Rhodiola helps restore energy and is a natural energy supplement. The best energy supplements also have B12 in them, which helps your body convert food into energy and helps maintain optimal muscle and nerve function. 

While many high quality energy supplements will contain sensible doses of caffeine or other natural stimulants, it is important that you do not rely on large doses of psychoactive stimulants to combat fatigue. Doing so does increase energy levels, but only for a while before you experience energy crashes. 

However, it is important to know that energy supplements do not replace a healthy, well-balanced diet, healthy lifestyle, and regular exercise. You should focus on all these aspects of your health and choose a supplement that will be most effective for you. These supplements are not a quick fix, but they can help you overcome the common symptoms of chronic fatigue and provide the tools needed to get through the day. 

The best energy supplements should be made from plant extracts or other special ingredients that have no side effects. This way, you won’t get any side effects like dangerous stimulant effects. You should also make sure to get enough rest and drink plenty of water. However, if you are already exhausted, it would be best to try these lifestyle changes first before choosing an energy supplement. 


What defiiency causes tiredness? 

The most common deficiency that causes tiredness in people in Vitamin B12 deficiency. it is also common for vegans and vegetarians to have an iron deficiency (anemia), which can also cause serious physical fatigue. 

Does B12 give you energy right away? 

Supplementing with B12 does not give you an instant energy boost. Rather, it supports healthy energy metabolism, as well as the formation of both blood and nerve cells. These things only have a noticeable effect over the long-term. 

What is the best vitamin for energy? 

The best viamins for energy levels are Vitamin B12, B6, B3, B1, Vitamin C and Vitamin D. Supplementing with these vitamins will support energy production at the cellular level, keep nerve cells healthy and prevent fatigue caused by deficiencies. 

Conclusion: What Is The Best Energy Supplement 

Vyvamind is the best energy supplement on the market right now. 

No doubt about it. 

This is the only supplement you can buy over the counter today which simultaneously boosts energy, reduces mental and physical fatigue, lowers stress, and actually improves cognitive performance, all without causing any side effects, addiction or withdrawals. 

Instead of filling you with synthetic stimulants, Vyvamind delivers a clinically calibrated dose of Caffeine Anhydrous along with L-Theanine. Together, these natural ingredients deliver a rapid energy boost, increase motivation and focus without spiking anxiety or jitters. 

Vyamind also contains Citicoline – which is proven to boost acetylcholine levels to enhance learning, processing speeds and working memory -as well as Tyrosine, which increases dopamine production. 

All of this is supported with healthy doses of key B vitamins. These are th ebest vitamins for energy metabolism, and they help protect nerve cell health too. 

Simply put, Vyvamind is the most complete energy supplement you can buy right now. This is much more than a caffeine pill, yet it is much more poent and fast-acting than your average nootropic. 

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