WingStep Launches as the Next Pioneer of the Move-to-Earn


Seoul, South Korea, June 08, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – WingStep, a Web3-based fitness and health tracking mobile app launches as the next pioneer of the move-to-earn trend. WingStep raises the booming wave of Move-To-Earn, offering attractive game modes to encourage users to live a healthy lifestyle while earning profits. WingStep will do IDO in eight launchpads, followed by the application Mainnet release this June.

WingStep is a Web3-based fitness and health tracking mobile app with integrated NFT gaming and social media elements, where users can earn rewards by walking, jogging, gym, cycling, etc … It seeks to balance health, wealth, and social interaction and converts millions of non-crypto runners and gymers to crypto players.

This app released the Alpha Testnet at the end of May and has been a great success with the participation of over 5000 users worldwide. WingStep’s IDO will take place in June on BSC Stations, BinStarter, Kingdom Game 4.0, Fam Central, NFTb, DareNFT and BSCLaunch. The funds will go towards WingStep finance activities to inspire millions of people to live healthier and connect them to Web3.

What makes WingStep unique?

The WingStep application has SocialFi and GameFi elements. WingStep’s GameFi modes encourage users to live a healthy lifestyle, prevent climate change and link the public to Web3.0 through its SocialFi feature that fosters user-generated content.

Users wearing NFT Sneakers earn cryptos and other NFTs by walking, running, exercising, cycling, etc … The items earned can be used for in-game activities or cash out for profit. On the in-app wallet place, users can trade their NFT Sneakers, Gem Sockets, and Badges, and the revenue is saved in the in-app wallets that feature a built-in swap function.

In addition, WingStep implements the DeFi products so that users can stake and farm WST / WSS tokens and NFT Sneakers to earn passive profits. DeFi features continuously increase the TVL to maintain a balanced economy and the NFT values.

WingStep takes the community-focused strategy to help users improve their health. Therefore, 80% of revenue will strengthen the project’s Finance activities, including the M2E reward pool, DeFi Zone, Price token & NFT price strategy. Besides, the deflationary token & NFT economy is another unique feature of WingStep. Through various in-app actions, the burn mechanism reduces the circulation of both the WST token and NFT Sneakers.

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How to make Money with WingStep by moving?

Users can access five WingStep game modes: Personal mode, Party mode, Area, Mision, and Weekly Pass. Users will need NFT sneakers to start earning. They can choose a free sneaker or buy a sneaker at a higher rarity that fits their fitness level. NFTs have different types, prices, and qualities that affect earnings performance. With GPS and the internet, the earning meter will start filling up while the user walks, run, jog, cycle, etc.

Image: The Sneaker detail page.

Personal mode

Personal mode is the basic training mode of each person when participating in WingStep. Depending on the NFT, the daily Energy limit, shown in the Performance bar and the Daily Token Limit differ. These limits limit the amount of Energy and tokens a user can get per day (Depending on NFT stat and Performance bar).

Users can increase their ability to earn more rewards by owning more NFT Sneakers of higher rarity or more quantity (Refer to Energy System)

Party Mode:

Party mode is an advanced training mode for each person when participating in a running team together. When participating in Party Mode, depending on the number of NFTs the captain owns, he can receive different Productivity Growth Rates for all members.

* Note: During the implementation of Party Mode, all members must follow the same route, if the NFT rank of one of the party members is lower than the captain, that player must also follow until the NFT level is completed by the captain.


The daily quest system is a mechanism that helps users earn additional token rewards The mission system includes 3 basic types:

  • Sharing tasks: are tasks such as taking pictures, checking in, etc., which are shared on WingStep’s Social Network and other social networking sites such as FB, Instagram, etc.
  • Tasks performed: are basic tasks such as locating treasures, searching for other WingStep users in the marked range, etc.
  • Weekly, monthly tasks, etc.

Corresponding to the difficulty of each task, the number of tokens received will be different. The greater the difficulty and distance, the greater the reward.

Arena Mode and Weekly Pass will be released soon.

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