Ziqitza Healthcare Limited Believes In Every Second Counts For Saving Lives

When it comes to medical emergencies, every second is crucial to save a precious life. The earliest few seconds after any severe accident or other medical emergencies are of utmost importance that can make a difference of life and death in most of the cases. In such unfortunate situations, emergency ambulance services are literally lifesavers and can be the difference between a life saved or a life lost.

The foundation stone for the company was laid by a group of five professionals— Shaffi Mather, Manish Sacheti, Ravi Krishna, Naresh Jain, and Sweta Mangal— in the year 2005, after acknowledging the major gap in the availability and accessibility of standardized emergency medical services in the country. After that the company began its journey to establish itself as the best emergency response service in India that would be on par with 911 in the US and 999 in the UK.

Being a change-maker in the healthcare industry with its efficient emergency ambulance services, Ziqitza Healthcare Limited emerged as a reliable service provider that speaks of the dedication and determination of its people to save valued human lives. ‘To be prepared, to be equipped and to be committed’— is the foremost motto of Ziqitza Healthcare Limited

“We are committed to our Vision and Mission of Saving Lives and Enhancing Lives. Each one of our Employees lives this commitment every single minute every day, 24×7. It’s our Mission to be the best Emergency Medical Services Company in the Country and to ensure that Quality EMS services reach everyone in need – whenever and wherever they need it”. quotes Jitendra Sharma – Head of Government Business of Ziqitza. Apart from ambulance services, the Company has also ventured into segments like Medical Rooms, Occupational Health Centres, Telemedicine and Online-Medical Consultation to ensure availability of Quality Medical Services to all, at affordable prices and fast. It has been providing these services for corporate, retail customers and to the general public via public private partnership with multiple state governments. Similar thoughts were voiced by ZHL Rajasthan.

Growing its footprint and presence across the Indian Subcontinent, the Committed Brand ZHL – has brought positive change in the lives of the common people. At present, it is having PANN India presence, especially in the states of — Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Gujarat, Jharkhand, Bihar, West Bengal, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Manipur, Nagaland, Jammu, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Sikkim, Punjab, Chhattisgarh, etc.

Ziqitza Healthcare has HL saved lives amidst the chaos caused by the global pandemic. Our team has been an integral part of ‘COVID-19 Warriors’ in many States, as ambulance services witnessed heightened demand. Their continuous efforts to save and enhance lives allowed them to constantly operate their emergency ambulance services 24×7 throughout the year in 2020, when most people were at Home, ZHL’s warriors were out here – risking their lives to save others. “Each and every individual of our team has gone through extreme personal hardship to serve the citizens of the country when the Covid crisis hit the country. In spite of such hardships, these individuals have dedicated themselves to saving and serving human lives while putting their own lives at considerable risk,” asserts Amitabh.

Scaling the ladder of success

Ever since its inception, Ziqitza Limited has been climbing the graph of success while saving and enhancing lives across the nation. From serving more than 48 million people, to developing corporate health care solutions, while partnering with Flipkart, P&G, JNPT, ACC, Columbia Asia, etc., the dedicated brand has crossed new milestones and achieved greater heights in its industry.

In the years ahead, ZHL’s Vision of Saving Lives; Enhancing Lives, will continue apace and ZHL’s mission to become India’s largest and best Emergency Medical Services provider will become reality. ZHL’s Mission is also to become a one stop shop for all kinds of Non-Hospital Based Medical care with easy access to all, it has already started on this journey and aims to become the most integrated and innovative player in this space in the coming years .

About Ziqitza Healthcare Limited

Ziqitza Health Care Limited (ZHL) is the leading provider of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in India since 2005. Our clients include hospitals, the Government and corporate clients in India & Gulf for varied EMS requirements like Ambulances, Medical Mobile units, telemedicine, and helplines. Ziqitza Rajasthan & Ziqitza limited Rajasthan appreciates Ziqitza Healthcare ltd for its contribution in improving the healthcare in India. We are committed to saving lives. We do this by understanding our customers’ needs and providing the best possible solutions regardless of their location or income.

For further information please contact: visakh.dayanandan@zhl.in

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