Best Sites for Rust Gambling & Betting 2022


Rust gambling is one of the latest skin betting phenomena, closely following Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in popularity. Rust is an online multiplayer game released by FacePunch Studios in 2015. Skin gambling differs from traditional digital betting, but the same basic principles remain the same. In the past, most rust gambling sites were unregulated or monitored. Things have transformed quite dramatically in the world of digital betting, especially with skin gambling pulling out to lead the pack. 

Rust gambling casino sites offer safe places to engage in the most progressive online gambling, complete with social elements. CSGO gambling inspired a new platform of online betting that has taken off to soar to new heights. The objective of rust is to survive and thrive in a fast-paced and dangerous environment where skins and in-game items can be sold for real-world money. Gamers have multiple betting possibilities in terms of rust gambling sites and platforms to choose from. 

Top Three Rust Gambling Sites 

  1. HowlGG – Best Overall Option 

  1. Rustreaper – Best Bonus Options 

  1. Skin Swap – Best Trading Site 


Launched on April 1, 2021, HowlGG has proven itself to be one of the leading Rust gambling sites. They haven’t been in the game very long. However, HowlGG has easily turned into one of the hottest Rust betting platforms. Players rave about the large jackpots offered at HowlGG, but the game animations are the true force to be reckoned with. Previously, HowlGG was dedicated solely to CSGO betting, but closed down permanently. HowlGG has come back with a vengeance to focus specifically on rust. While HowlGG is a fairly new site, the user database it has grown in a short time period is nothing short of impressive. In fact, more than five hundred players are logged into HowlGG at any given time. HowlGG fans are loyal, mostly thanks to the site offering bonuses and reward incentives to both new and established players. While HowlGG knows how to keep users coming back, the site doesn’t offer an initial signup bonus, leaving some folks feeling disappointed. 

Using a provably fair and transparent gaming system, HowlGG is slowly earning its place as one of the top casinos for rust betting. From its original operations back in 2017 until now, HowlGG has given online skin gamblers exactly what they wanted. HowlGG managed to bounce back after CSGO skins were banned. It is remarkable how well HowlGG has adapted to the new online skim gambling environment. With twenty-four-hour online support and fair gameplay, it isn’t difficult to see why so many users opt to sign up for a HowlGG account. 

HowlGG utilizes wager requirements to prevent currency exchanges and trades. By avoiding manipulation, HowlGG improves the overall gaming experience. Users must bet one hundred percent of an initial deposit before withdrawing. These simple requirements prevent a few rotten apples from ruining the site for everyone 

There’s a clean website design that is well organized and easy to navigate. The HowlGG site isn’t only easy on the eyes, as it functions well and lacks bugs. 


  •  HowlGG goes the extra mile to guarantee provably fair gameplay. 

  • Every website has errors and bugs now and then. Users who report significant bugs may be eligible to receive a reward for bringing the issue to the HowlGG staff’s attention. HowlGG makes a conscious effort to improve rust gambling for everyone 


  • HowlGG is one hundred percent secure and trustworthy using SSL encryption that is up to the industry standard 

  • Users receive a free daily case spin and the opportunity to win premium rust skins 

  •  New users instantly receive a bonus for creating and verifying their accounts 


  • Withdrawals are strictly in the form of rust skins 

  •  HowlGG offers some impressive jackpots, but the chances of winning the massive jackpots are slim to none. The average rake for coin flip and jackpot is approximately six percent 

  • HowlGG doesn’t have a gambling license 


Rustreaper guarantees provably fair gameplay and is undeniably one of the top rust gambling sites to date. Since 2021, Rustreaper has grown from humble beginnings to becoming one of the leading rust gambling platforms. In order to get started, players need to create a Steam account if they don’t already have one. Rustreaper is one of the leading rust gambling websites because it offers several conveniences other sites do not provide, such as impressive bonuses and promo codes. This extraordinary skin gambling site is user-friendly, making it simple for newbies to get started on their rust adventure. The Rustreaper interface has a dark background, but the brightly colored icons and menu add some eye-catching appeal. The organization of the site leaves some room for improvement. However, Rustreaper has a solid foundation to grow into a leading platform, thanks to its powerful security measures and impressive excitement factor. Rust gambling requires a good relationship between a platform and its users, which is exactly what you’ll find at Rustreaper. Fake Rust betting sites are a dime a dozen, making it extraordinarily difficult to find a legit place to enjoy Rust betting activities in a secure environment. 

The Rustreaper platform is accessible via multiple devices and it offers exceptional customer service. While Rustreaper is a premium option, it is important to remember that there are some drawbacks, such as the list of restricted countries. The enhanced security protocols guarantee users’ account safety. Needless to say, Rustreaper takes extra measures to maintain its highly regarded reputation. After all, Rustreaper didn’t become one of the top rust gambling and betting sites without being able to back up its claims of greatness. At Rustreaper, users can partake in several gaming options to maximize their winnings. Powered by Gamdom, Rustreaper is continually updating and improving its gaming modes and security measures. 


  • Besides depositing traditional funds, users can quickly and easily deposit skins from third-party providers, like Steam, to fund their accounts 

  •  Bonus codes and rewards are constantly bringing users new, exciting ways to enhance their gaming experience 

  • The gaming selection at Rustreaper includes epic options such as Rustreaper coin flip and Rustreaper Crash 

  •  New and established users are eligible to receive bonus incentives as long as their account is active 

  • Players must convert their coin earnings into game skins in order to withdraw their funds 


  • Registering for a new account only takes a few minutes, and users can rest easy, knowing their funds are in good hands. 

  • Rustreaper offers easy-to-learn games that keep users entertained and coming back for more. 

  • Users can access the Rustreaper site in multiple languages. 

  • At Rustreaper, users will find out of the ordinary deposit methods. 


  • Several countries are restricted from enjoying the perks Rustreaper has to offer, including Canada and the United States 

  • Coins must be transferred into skins to withdraw account funds 

  • The withdrawal process isn’t always instantaneous 


Skin Swap ranks as one of the most reliable rust gambling sites online, thanks to Skin Swap’s instant cash-out and trading options. Skin Swap is one hundred percent legitimate, even though the site is relatively new. Compared to similar sites, Skin Swap is the best place for hardcore skin gamblers. In addition to Rust skin cash-outs, Skin Swap also has a collection of CSGO skins; although the site’s Rust skins are far more extensive and focused. While Skin Swap does lack some of the more advanced features other sites provide, they do offer fair values for trades and cash-outs. Within the trading inventory, players will find several must-have skins. Skin Swap doesn’t disappoint when it comes to withdrawal methods and customer support availability. With live chat options constantly running, account holders aren’t left searching for answers or assistance. In terms of bonuses, Skin Swap doesn’t let you down. Trade-in bonuses are the most common perk, but free giveaways provide the most impressive rewards. 

You can feel safe when cashing out Rust skins at Skin Swap. The site goes the extra mile to provide guaranteed security. Players can expect privacy and confidentiality when creating an account at this one-of-a-kind Rust skin gambling platform. The site is protected by secure SSL encryption that is verifiable. Just like any other Rust gambling site, Skin Swap has a few shortcomings. Regardless of its faults, it’s a premium place for Rust gamblers to buy, sell, and trade Rust skins and items without the fear of being ripped off. The game modes are limited to skin trading and instant cash-outs, but the site accepts a wide range of deposit methods, one of which is cryptocurrencies. Skin Swap has a user interface that is easy to navigate and well organized. 


  • The site contains a detailed FAQ section where visitors can find all the relevant information to help them get started 

  • Trading bot has an expansive inventory, keeping users coming back for more 

  •  An instant cash-out option is available for several withdrawal methods, ranging from cryptocurrencies to PayPal 


  • You will never encounter hidden fees for cash-outs 

  • Skin Swap offers fair value for trades and transactions 

  • Over five thousand users have already utilized Skin Swap’s marketplace 

  • Skin Swap has paid out hundreds of thousands of dollars since its initial launch 

  •  Users’ privacy is protected by the latest and most advanced security measures 


  • Skin Swap is a newly launched site and doesn’t have an established reputation like other gaming platforms 

  • Skin Swap doesn’t offer as many withdrawal options as it does deposit methods 

  • The site doesn’t offer much of a referral program 

Rust gambling is the latest massive multiplayer first-person shooter game captivating digital gamers. Rust skins are basically digital cameos that are used as currency. Rust skin gambling is completely legit and legal, as certain measures are taken to ensure the legality and fair gameplay. rust is a unique survival game launched in 2018. Garry Newman, also the developer of Garry’s Mod, created Rust. Since the game’s launch, it has gained a massive online following. In 2022, rust even broke Steam records without missing a beat. Facepunch Studios was the game studio that developed and published Rust. In eight years, rust has successfully completed more than three hundred content updates. Rust is available in twenty-five supported languages, and players receive updated patches regularly. Players must do whatever it takes to survive an island full of deadly twists and turns. From wildlife to the island’s locals, everything in rust seeks to kill you, making this nonstop action game an instant goldmine. 

Reviewing sites takes time and attention to detail. Each site reviewed is tested for lag times, security, and reliability. Deposit and withdrawal times are tested and banking options are thoroughly explored. Site testers actually sign up for rust gambling casino accounts to test the signup process, transaction times, and gaming elements. Rust skin gambling testers study every possible element of a platform to gain real-time insight into how a site functions and whether it delivers on pre-signup promises. Every aspect of a rust gambling site is examined, from start to finish, to ensure detailed reviews are available for people just like you. Multiple faucets are taken into consideration when reviewing rust gambling sites, such as security, licensing, and site performance. Undeniably, there are several rust betting scams floating around the internet. Through careful research and testing, the scam sites are weeded out, leaving only the premier options to enjoy. 

Signing Up at a Rust Gambling Site 

The signup process for rust betting sites is typically the same, as users must provide a valid email that is verified. In most cases, users can’t access the site’s full features until the account email is verified. Users will be asked to link their rust skin gambling account to one of the accepted deposit methods to begin playing. There are several platforms that prohibit users from depositing skins and immediately withdrawing the skins through fiat currencies. Signing up for a new rust gambling account doesn’t take long, but that doesn’t mean the site lacks security or quality. Some signup requirements are more detailed than others, meaning the site collects more personal information regarding its users. Be sure to read the fine print to fully understand what you’re getting yourself into beforehand. 

Payment Methods 

One of the best things about betting with rust skins is that most platforms accept a wide range of deposit methods, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Deposit and withdrawal methods aren’t necessarily the same at each potential website. It isn’t unfounded for sites to accept more deposit methods than withdrawal options. Withdrawing fiat currencies from skin-betting accounts definitely isn’t as simple as withdrawing skins. Multiple Rust betting sites place tight restrictions on withdrawal options and methods to crack down on manipulation potential. Any winnings at an individual site must be transferred into skins before being withdrawn. Just because it isn’t possible to withdraw FIAT currencies immediately doesn’t mean you can’t reap a remarkable profit from Rust skin betting. Another helpful tip is to read about possible transaction fees in advance. Make sure you understand how much Rust skins are worth so you will place strategic wagers. Every Rust skin varies in value and rarity, with rarer items having the highest value. Users may deposit skins to begin playing immediately, but cannot withdraw immediately. 

New rust players should look out for bonus incentives that last longer than the signup period. A quality rust betting site will reward established accounts, as well as entice new users. Don’t be swayed by a fancy sign-on package, especially if the benefits are short-lived. Deposit bonuses and rewards are one of the best benefits to hold out for, mainly because deposit bonuses can last for longer durations. You get the most bang for your buck when utilizing deposit incentives. You can trust most any Rust skin betting website reviewed by our elite team of experienced testers. Also, you can put your trust in a site offering provably fair gameplay that’s tested by an outside unbiased third party. 

When gambling online, you can never be too careful. Anytime you enter private or sensitive information online, you should keep an eye out for SSL or TLS encryption. You don’t need to be a tech guru to know when your information is being protected. Look to the left of the website’s address. If you find a locked padlock icon, you can rest assured you are protected. Some rust gambling sites use two-step authentication processes, which are as trustworthy as standard security procedures. Before entering any confidential information, it is wise to check the site’s licensing information. You can easily find this information in a website’s about section. If you have doubts regarding a site’s licensing, you can reach out to the site’s customer service. It may be in your best interest to avoid websites without gambling licenses. Take time and research potential options before diving in and placing skin bets. All too often, it is easy to let eagerness to play allow people to dismiss their better judgment. It is risky to play at an unlicensed gambling website, but unlicensed sites often don’t have restricted countries or block the use of VPN services. One perk associated with signing up for an unlicensed Rust betting site is that your personal data won’t be collected. Licensed gambling sites are required to gather certain information about their users. Unlicensed platforms aren’t subject to the same policies and regulations. There are pros and cons related to Rust skin betting sites that follow the rules and those that don’t. 

One significant difference between CSGO and rust gambling is the worth of in-game items and skins. Many players have expressed how much easier it is to earn skins in rust than in CSGO. Skin bundles in each game vary by leaps and bounds, giving players the power to make the most of their valuable items. CSGO and rust don’t share the same skins nor do the items have the same worth. While the game shares several components, the skins are one of the most glaring differences between the games. 

The majority of the rust gambling sites have online support available twenty-four hours a day. Live chat connects users with real-life representatives capable of serving real-time problems. Before jumping into the customer support DMS, you might check out the site’s FAQ page, as you may find the answers you need there. For emergencies, like security problems, you will likely find immediate assistance by calling the customer support phone line. Contact information is traditionally found directly on the site’s FAQ or About page. Social media platforms are another possible avenue of communication between you and a rust gambling website. Customer support services usually accommodate multiple languages to make communication upfront and straightforward. It is possible to send an email to customer service, but the response time for support emails may take longer than other contact options. Don’t be afraid to ask upfront questions to customer service representatives. There truly is no such thing as a dumb question, especially when you’re placing wagers. 

Rust gambling is a fantastic gaming option for those looking for something off the beaten path. CSGO players craving skin gambling will find rust to be a similar alternative. Rust skin betting typically accepts cryptocurrencies and other currencies traditional online casinos don’t accept. Rust skins are more than cosmetic applications. These in-game items hold various values and rarity, making it essential to understand the game’s basic fundamentals. Signing up for a new player account takes minimal time, and there are strict regulations when it comes to trading skins into real-time currencies. Understanding the concept of how skin betting works allows players to make quality strategic bets that dramatically improve the general gameplay. If you love massive multiplayer survival games and placing exciting, edge-of-your-seat wagers, there has never been a better time to check out rust gambling. 


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