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Andarine S4 is a common Sarm that is quite demanded among popular athletes and bodybuilders to have the heavy weight-lifting ability, complete endurance, and hardcore bone density.

SARMs are popular and there is no denying it. The main reason why bodybuilders are using Sarm is because these compounds are proven safer than steroids and many androgenic compounds that build muscle to exceeding limits.

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Andarine Reviews
We have seen Reddit reviews about Andarine and to be honest, most of them call Andarine S4 Sarm EFFECTIVE for rapid muscle growth. Andarine is also rumored to be a better alternative than steroids like Winstrol and Anavar.
2 years ago, a Reddit user posted his Andarine review “I stacked S4 with ostarine and loved the cycle. It is noticeably faster than most and gives you lean dry gains. It’s stronger than ostarine but not by a lot. In terms of vision sides, they’re slightly overhyped. I was taking about 30-45mg per day (depending on what week in the cycle) and didn’t have any yellow vision.”

Andarine S4 is used for competitive advantages which most athletes find useful for themselves. Its true S4 compound upon regular consumption in high doses can be fatal but not if you have a proper cycle and dosage plan.
Based on Andarine Reviews from FDA approved website, not so many people encourage the use of Andarine but they rather choose the natural alternative to S4 Sarm.

What is Andarine S4?
Andarine S4 is a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator with an IUPAC name (2S)-3-[4-(acetylamino)phenoxy]-2-hydroxy-2-methyl-N-[4-nitro-3-(trifluoromethyl)phenyl]-propanamide.
Originally, Andarine S4 is manufactured by GTx Inc as their vision for the treatment of multiple degenerative musculoskeletal diseases and benign prostate hyperplasia.
Andarine is also critically evaluated for treating a variety of fertility issues and those with a high risk of prostate cancer. Andarine is very much bio-available and its non-steroidal feature makes it “Tissue Selective” for muscles and bones. This very nature exempts Andarine from most of the dangerous side effects of anabolic steroids.
Endogenous androgens produced in males are typically important for muscle growth and other physiological functionality, Andarine S4 Sarm is well-known to accomplish the levels of these hormones, especially testosterone and DHT. Andarine Sarm ability to build muscle and improve bone density is one of the key factors why it’s being liked by various doctors in the US who found many existing drugs hugely flawed to treat a variety of health issues.

How does Andarine S4 Sarm Work?
S4 Andarine evokes the androgen receptor in muscle tissues and it also stimulates the prostate area partially. In in-vitro studies (outside the human body), it was concluded that Andarine has a high androgen receptor binding ability.
Upon taking it from the mouth, S4 Sarm is rapidly absorbed through the gut in the bloodstream which takes only 48-80 minutes. The mechanism is purely tissue-specific and anabolic in humans which is a favorable condition if you are keen to have higher muscles and bone density. Men with prostate hyperplasia use Andarine to shrink the size of the prostate.

Andarine S4 Results Before and After
According to Andarine Reviews, it is the most versatile Sarm which can fit into your plans whether you are up for athletic gains or bodybuilding gains. One of the special things about S4 is its ability not to interfere with other compounds while it’s working.
So what results should you expect from Andarine? Based on the compound’s higher bioavailability the results from Andarine S4 Sarm appear within weeks and its efficacy rises with the dosage.

Here is a glance of what Andarine’s results before and after look like:
❖ Pumped Muscles

Andarine S4 is remarkably helpful to make your muscles pumped, and drier so they appear to be vascular. This effect reaches within the first week if you are taking S4 with a suitable workout plan. Stacking is also an option that you can use for a 6-8 week cycle but Andarine alone can be enough to make your body look ripped and in a definite shape. The gains and very long-lasting and it aids weight lifting considerably.

❖ Maximum Fat Loss
Fat isn’t the luxury pro athletes and bodybuilders can afford, so it’s better to keep them only visceral. In one study, Andarine S4 Sarm claimed to suppress the production of a hormone known as Hormone Sensitive Lipase which regulates the metabolism of stored fat. The fat is burned and supplies a very large amount of energy which is utilized for gaining muscle mass instead. According to Andarine reviews, users could lose 7lbs within the first 2 weeks of a 6 week long cycle, the dosage for this regimen is around 50mg.

❖ Better Endurance and Strength
Andarine works on male endurance pretty well and this can be visible within 2 weeks only. Some users reported breaking their lift records after a 5-week cycle of the Andarine S4 Sarm.

❖ Increased Muscle Growth
Known for its effects on mixed users, Andarine shares mild muscle-building effects. In studies where Andarine was tested for the same outcome, it was concluded that this Sarm actually evokes decent muscle gains during a bulking cycle. Even a low dosage of Andarine is claimed to be sufficient in retaining the muscle while cutting. Andarine dosage of 50mg with a caloric surplus diet could add 7-8lbs of lean muscle mass. However, the cycle began with a dosage of 25mg a day.

❖ Reduced Water Retention
With Andarine S4, there is no issue like bloating due to water retention in muscles. The Sarm is highlighted for resulting vascularity and chiseled body. Andarine creates a perfect anabolic environment with a 90% trust flow among users.

❖ Reduce Prostate Size
Andarine S4 Sarm suppresses the 5-alpha reductase inhibitor enzyme which is useful against benign prostate hyperplasia. That’s because Andarine S4 exerts an effective effect on the prostate gland while its mechanism increases lean tissues. Experts think they could use this Sarm as an alternative treatment for BPH in the future.

Andarine S-4 Side Effects
Non-steroidal effects of Andarine mean it has no steroid-like side effects such as aggression or hair loss but users have to worry about other things. Andarine S4 Sarm is an androgen compound and like most of them, they do have a few side effects.
Once again, depending on Andarine dosage that you are using determines the frequency and severity of the following side effects.
● Gynecomastia: Andarine S4 is known to stimulate a hormone called prolactin which is the reason behind male breast development aka Gynecomastia. This happens in sensitive individuals who have previous health problems such as liver and heart disease.
● Reduced Cholesterol: Andarine increases LDL cholesterol and improves HDL cholesterol which puts the cardiovascular system at high risk.
● Diabetes: Over consumption of Andarine S4 Sarm leads to increased insulin resistance and this will spike blood sugar levels.
● Chances of Liver Failure: Taking andarine in high dosage for extended period results in temporary or sometimes permanent liver damage.

Before using Andarine S4 for fitness purposes, it’s important to consult the doctor just to know you’ve made the right choice. In case of any underlying medical conditions, you should tell the doctor to avoid future drug-to-drug interactions.

What is the Best Andarine SARM Dosage?
Make sure to calibrate the Andarine dosage in the right manner so that you can avoid testosterone suppression and visual impairment. Asking what the correct dose is for the Andarine cycle, we decided to look into the expert’s opinions.
The good part about Andarine is you don’t need to take it more to experience the outrageous outcomes. Even a low to moderate dosage of Andarine SARM is enough for delivering anabolic activity, effects and results. On average, many Andarine users prefer taking the Sarm in 25mg dosage/day for the first two weeks and they gradually increase the dosage up to 50 mg a day. Andarine S4 dosage can also be divided into 2-3 parts so it works without affecting the major organs.
Andarine S4 half-life is 4-6 hours in humans which is still being investigated by many research institutes.

Andarine SARM Stacking
It is relatively easier to stack Andarine with other Sarms such as Ostarine which has massive clinical data available. Andarine and Ostarine are often used in combination because they have a synergistic effect that helps unfold the true effects on muscle mass and fat cells.
Another alternative is to stack Andarine S4 Sarm with Cardarine GW501516; this combination is used to achieve ultra-grade endurance. For bulking stacks of Andarine and Ligandrol is highly preferred for maximizing muscle gains and minimizing a common side effect from Andarine S4 ie visual disturbances.
Andarine S4 Sarm is highly endorsed by fitness jockeys because it works well in both the cutting and bulking cycle. If you wish to get leaner and show off your vascular physique, Andarine is helpful to burn excessive fat tissues. For bulking cycle, consuming Andarine with additional calories could make you buffed up within 8 weeks’ time.

Andarine Before and After
Speaking in bodybuilding lingo, Andarine’s results are great and you could achieve the fitness goals if you stick to the diet plan and regular exercise. If you are continuing Andarine S4 Sarm use in the cutting cycle, make sure to design a calorie-restricted diet plan which will help you only shrink the fatty layers on muscles without making pre-existing muscle mass any bigger.
Whether you are using Andarine SARM for the cutting cycle or bulking goals, the muscle hardening effect is inevitable and occurs from the very beginning. Andarine is highlighted for bodybuilders who are entering the competition; this will make them look ripped and show off veins on their arms. This part where Andarine is used for 6-8 weeks brings some hardcore vascular appearance.
In the area of ​​strength, Andarine Reviews show that users have got the best version of themselves and they didn’t even need to start a second Andarine cycle. The endurance from S4 Sarm left many users speechless as they did not expect such vigor and power since Dianabol. It’s difficult to keep the gains after performing the Andarine cycle and this can get easier if you work out regularly and use the natural version of Andarine instead.

Andarine S4 Reviews Conclusion
Sarms cycle is the most followed trend in bodybuilding currently and many people want to take their performance, endurance, and body composition to the next level. This very purpose inspires them to use Sarms instead of steroids because of their tissue-specific nature.
Andarine is used for lean gains, fat loss, and muscle hardening purposes which beats other norms in the ground without spiking the dangerous results. Andarine results are genuinely helpful if you are suffering from a medical-grade illness diagnosed by a healthcare practitioner.
Andarine S4 2022 updates say the production of this Sarm has been stopped for some unknown results and many people are seeking the natural version of S-4 instead. If having visual problems, testosterone suppression and compromised CVS isn’t a big deal for you, you can buy Andarine SARM online and find the benefits + dangers yourself.

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