Here’s a bit of what I’m loving lately!

Look at that cutie!!

Thoughts On Blogging

It’s hard to believe this blog is going on 16 years of at least 3 posts per week. It’s my greatest accomplishment, but I’m also feeling a bit burnt out on blog post writing!

Over the years I have tried very hard to balance site growth (via Google Search) with giving you all what you want (real life posts). I’ve also tried to balance writing posts in advance with keeping them as up-to-date as possible. Over the past year, I’ve hit a stride with 3 posts per week and a Lately post every other Friday or so. While this seems to be working well, it’s also very time consuming to write that many evergreen posts in a two week period!

My ultimate goal would be to write posts when I felt called to write them about a topic I’m excited about. I was talking with a friend about when and how I would hit that point of life when I’d be OK writing with that mindset. Would it be a financial goal, an age, or simply a mindset?

I don’t mean to get all meta on y’all and am not considering ending the blog, but just some food for thought 🙂 Every time I blog about blogging you all respond with 1) as long as you keep writing we’ll keep reading and 2) the variety is always appreciated and 3) personal posts are always the favorite!

Personal posts are my favorite to write too, so much as the SEO experts and Google itself hate “thin, fluffy content,” sometimes you gotta do what feels right!

So here’s some fluff for ya!

The best hat!

Kohv Sunglasses

I’ve been wearing Kohv sunglasses for years and they just surprised Thomas and me with a handful of new pairs for springtime! They are polarized and block 100% of UV rays. I have been living in the Wakes! Use the code katheats15 for 15% off any order!

Birch’s School Pictures

This four-year-old cutie boy is halfway to age FIVE! Cramer Photo did his school pics, and Sarah brought his personality right out!

Nervous at the start…

And then all smiles!

Those little slippers!

Here are the ones he wears at school.

Bed Buddy

My shoulder / neck issues are still not fixed. UGH! But I did discover this Bed Buddy recommended by my friend Lynsie. It’s like a sock filled with rice that you can heat or cool and put on injuries or sticky spots in your body. I also love it for chilly days when I can’t seem to warm up!

Carve Designs Spring Clothes

Carve Designs is one of my favorite clothing brands, and they sent me some clothes for spring!

The Banff Shorts are perfect – athletic material, pockets, button in the front and stretchy in the back. I’m going to LIVE in these this year! They are made from coconut husks and recycled bottles! I’m wearing a medium.

And the Camryn Top is lightweight, breathable, and flowy. It’s cropped so it’s super easy to tuck in. Love the neckline! Made from organic cotton. I’m also wearing a medium in this.

(Those are Rothy’s Slippers!)

Ithaca Hummus + Salsa

Ithaca Hummus sent me a package of their hummus flavors and salsa. I am super picky about both and can vouch that these are DELISH! My favorite hummus is the Kalamata olive – it’s so bright – and the fire-roasted salsa is restaurant-style with minimal chunks = just how I love it! They have a new dill pickle hummus too – gotta try that one.

Amazon T-Shirt

I needed a few new t-shirts and got this tee on Amazon after Teri recommended it. It’s solid – a nice, thick fabric with long-ish short sleeves.

Run Wild IPA

I crave wine in the winter and beer in the summer. Now that it’s warming up I love having an NA beer for happy hour. And this NA IPA by Athletic Brewing is my favorite!! Thomas’ favorite is the Hazy IPA. I also like the Cerveza and Trailblazer styles a lot. Get 10% off your first order with the code KATHEATS.

Sunny baseball / yard time with the boys.

The Movies!

We took Birch to his first movie: Super Mario Bros. He did great aside from the fact that it was too loud and he covered his ears for the first 15 minutes until we asked the theater for some noise-blocking headphones. We’ll be bringing our own to the next few movies.

A Clean Car

I recently took my car to Toyota for a tire rotation and tried to add on a detail since I was going to drop it off all day anyway. Turns out they no longer do them! Since my favorite home detailer, Smooves, has closed his business, I broke out the cleaner and clothes and did it myself. A job well done!

Kohr Brothers Ice Cream

And lastly, Kohr Brothers is open for spring/summer and we went for a snack after school! A super delicious sprinkle-covered treat. Kohr Bros has the fluffiest custard-style ice cream, and we love it! Hope everyone is still hungry for dinner!

That’s a wrap!


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