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If you’re looking for a legal neurostimulant to help improve your focus, memory and concentration, then it’s starting to get hard to ignore VyvaMind; it’s gained dozens of positive reviews everywhere from leading review editorial websites to Reddit.  

In fact, you’re most likely reading our review of VyvaMind, here at Men’s Journal, as a result of the above. As a result, we’ll get straight into answering the questions that you have about VyvaMind such as: 

  • What actually is VyvaMind  

  • What ingredients are in VyvaMind’s formula? 

  • Does it work or cause any side effects? 

  • Should you try VyvaMind or are there better alternatives? 

In order to answer the above reliably, we tested VyvaMind for a period of 3 months. So, read on to find out our personal experience and more.  

Our Quick Summary of VyvaMind 

It’s not often we’re seriously impressed with a product claiming to improve cognitive performance (since we’ve tested dozens before that have had no effects). But VyvaMind really is a neurostimulant that works after taking the first dosage, around 30-45 minutes after popping 2 capsules.  

We found its energy boosting effects via the caffeine & l-theanine combination in its formula to be much “smoother” than when taking low quality caffeine pills or energy drinks (and importantly, didn’t cause jittery side effects), while the natural nootropic ingredients such as l-tyrosine and citicoline really helped us “dial in” and focus on our work for long periods of time.  

Here are the main benefits we experienced while taking VyvaMind:  

  • Improved focus & concentration at work 

  • Increased energy levels with no “crash” later in the day 

  • Much higher levels of work output  

As a result, we’re happy to recommend VyvaMind as a tried-and-tested neurostimulant that really works. If you’re looking for the best deal, VyvaMind is only sold direct on its official website: www.VyvaMind.com  

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What Is Actually Is VyvaMind? 

VyvaMind is described as an “over-the-counter neurostimulant” on its website, designed for high-performance adults that require long periods of intense focus regardless of time-of-day (eg. programmers, traders, pilots, surgeons, and even students preparing for their finals).  

As we’ve already mentioned, it’s gained dozens of positive reviews on trustworthy websites and even over on the /r/nootropics sub-forum of Reddit; if you know about this sub-forum and how critical it can be, as well as how knowledgeable its user base is, you’ll know how impressive this is.  

You’ll see that Reddit users in particular have started referring to VyvaMind as a “legal adderall alternative” and review websites are calling it “legal Vyvanse” due to its mental and physical performance enhancing effects that kick in around 30 minutes after you take the first serving.  

This leads us nicely onto what’s inside VyvaMind in the next section of our review.  

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Which Ingredients Make Up VyvaMind’s Formula? 


No supplement review is complete without a full analysis of the ingredients inside the product. This is because it really is what’s inside that counts instead of the marketing of the product.  

For example, ingredients in a supplement need to be clinically proven to work in numerous studies in order to be reliable. As well as this, the ingredients also need to be dosed in measures proven to work in clinical studies too.  

The tl;dr is that VyvaMind does indeed contain tried-and-tested ingredients proven to benefit cognition, as well as physical and mental performance. For those wanting a more thorough analysis, we’ll analyze each ingredient inside this neurostimulant for you below… 


If there’s one ingredient that no-one can argue about, it’s caffeine. It’s consumed by over 80% of adults in the U.S on a daily basis, which almost single-handedly proves just how safe this stimulant is [1].  

I mean, we all drink coffee for a reason, right? Usually in the morning to help us “wake up” and perform optimally even in the early hours of the day…or even later at night to help keep us awake when we have to reach deadlines or work late shifts.  

That being said, most people also know that taking the right amount of caffeine is also critical too; too little caffeine and you’re not going to feel its effect, too much caffeine and you’re going to be at risk of jittery side effects.  

Well, the good news is that VyvaMind contains a clinically tested and safe dosage of caffeine – 75 mg per serving, which is just under the amount found in an average cup of coffee.  

Why is this the perfect amount? Well, you don’t just drink a cup of coffee within seconds, but it only takes a couple of seconds to pop a few caffeine pills. So, 75 mg of caffeine is a safe and effective amount that most people will feel working within 30 minutes without putting you at risk from jittery side effects.  

A clinical study conducted by T, McLellan et al.,[2] found that low to moderate dosages of caffeine were extremely beneficial on cognitive, physical and occupational performance with a very maximum dosage of 300 mg mentioned and lower dosages closer to 75 mg mentioned to be the most beneficial.  

It’s clear that SAP Nutraceuticals have consulted neuroscientists and doctors while formulating VyvaMind, including a sensible and effective 75 mg dosage per serving of caffeine. This allows users to take a “double measure” of VyvaMind on days they need that extra push and still be wayyy below the maximum 300 mg dosage recommended in the clinical study referenced above.  


You don’t eat a hot fudge cake without ice cream (well, at least we don’t). And, when it comes to improving cognitive performance, you shouldn’t consume caffeine without l-theanine either. 

There’s been countless studies proving the effectivenes of this combination of caffeine and l-theanine. So much so, that there’s an official term coined for it – “smart caffeine”. For this reason, we won’t reference dozens of clinical studies in this section. 

However, focusing on one main study, GN, Owen et al.,[3] found that l-theanine and caffeine taken together at a dosage of 50 mg caffeine and 100 mg l-theanine (forming the 2:1 ratio) significantly improved cognitive performance and mood.  

We just analyzed the optimal dosages of caffeine in the previous section, so VyvaMind does contain slightly more caffeine than in GN, Owen’s study, at 75 mg per serving, which is still very beneficial for mental performance. Further good news is that VyvaMind also contains 150 mg l-theanine per serving to form the “2:1” ratio that’s clinically proven to work. 

Again, this shows that SAP Nutraceuticals have really conducted intense research while formulating VyvaMind.  


You may not have heard about L-Tyrosine before, but the US Military certainly have; it’s a non-essential amino acid that’s gained a reputation for being a reliable brain booster, with clinical studies finding that l-tyrosine is able to improve the mental performance of those in the US Navy under periods of intense pressure [4].  

If it’s good enough for the US Military, then it’s good enough for us. But looking further, we found dozens more clinical studies recommending l-tyrosine to help improve cognition during long periods of sustained and severe stress [5].  

This explains why professionals including doctors and surgeons have since recommended and use VyvaMind.  

A customer called Dr Wil left a review on their website stating:  

“As someone who needs to stay focused for extended periods of time, sometimes having a little boost makes all the difference. Vyvamind’s supplement is a handy tool that was made with that purpose. The product is well made and you can tell it was designed with care. If you are trying to stay concentrated for longer and be mentally sharper, it might be worth looking more into this.”. 

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Citicoline (the form of CDP-Choline in supplements) 

One thing that VyvaMind recommends is to take it for 3 months to experience its full benefits. And there’s a clinically proven reason for this, due to it containing citicoline.  

Let us explain more; a study conducted by E, Nakazaki et al.,[6] found that dietary supplementation of Citicoline over a 12 week period improved overall memory performance in healthy male and female subjects.  

Since, the 3 bottle deal of VyvaMind provides customers with 12 weeks of citicoline and more, it makes sense why they recommend this as a result of the above study and not just for marketing reasons. This is one of the many reasons why VyvaMind is a truly refreshing product; its creators only focus on the science behind it, instead of marketing gimmicks like we’ve seen in the nootropic market en masse. 

Back to citicoline. While the other ingredients in VyvaMind help users to “dial in” with increased focus and concentration, citicoline is the one responsible for delivering the improvement in memory.  

B-Vitamins (B6 & B12)  

Remember when we mentioned that 80% of adults in the US consume caffeine and that it’s super beneficial for mental and physical performance?  

That’s all true, but there is one potential caveat with caffeine: it can deplete your B-Vitamin levels due to it being a diuretic (meaning it makes you pee more, so you can lose B-Vitamins through your urine from peeing more) [7].  

To combat this, SAP Nutraceuticals have included Vitamins B6 & B12 in the formula of VyvaMind. Again, this just goes to show just how much research and thought has gone into creating this neurostimulant.  

There have been studies showing the beneficial effects of B-vitamins. But, in all honestly, just B6 & B12 alone aren’t the reasons you should be taking any supplement, so we won’t waste your time in writing more about them here.  

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Our Personal Experience: does VyvaMind work or does it cause side effects?  

We tried-and-tested VyvaMind for a period of 3 months in order to write this review (you’re welcome). So, we have a pretty good idea of how effective it is by now.  

So, does VyvaMind work? Yes, absolutely. You feel its effects within 30-45 minutes every time and these cognitive boosting effects can remain for up to 8 hours in our experience.  

You start to notice small things, such as:  

  • Fidgeting less and spending more time actively working and being productive.  

  • Really focusing on the task at hand without starting to think about what you’re going to eat for dinner.  

  • Feeling less lethargic at around 3-4pm and remembering the names of people you’re emailing or working with much easier.  

Does VyvaMind cause any side effects? No, not once has it caused any negative effects during 3 months of taking it.  

That being said, remember that VyvaMind does contain caffeine. So, don’t knock back several cups of coffee while taking it – too much of anything can be bad, and that certainly goes for caffeine.  

I usually drink around 4 cups of coffee daily when not taking any caffeinated supplement. As a result, while taking VyvaMind, I drink a maximum of 2 per day and let the caffeine and nootropic ingredients in VyvaMind do the legwork instead.  

Finally, our last piece of advice is to not drink coffee or take any caffeinated supplements close to or before your bed time either. So, don’t take VyvaMind later in the day if you’re not actively wanting to stay awake and burn the midnight oil to hit some deadlines.  

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Review Conclusion: Should You Try VyvaMind?  

When buying any supplement, you shouldn’t be looking for a miracle pill or “magic bean” that’s going to turn you into a genius like in the movie “limitless”. If anyone tells you that’s realistic and you believe it, then you need to take a long hard look in the mirror and reevaluate things, my friend.  

However, if you’re looking for a neurostimulant that includes clinically proven ingredients to help improve your cognitive performance and give you more of a sustainable energy boost throughout your day (without causing side effects or keeping you up at night), then VyvaMind is certainly a product that’s worth trying out.  

In our experience, we found that VyvaMind works after the first dosage after around 30-45 minutes of taking it. However, its benefits increased over time after taking it for 12 weeks (3 months), so going for the 3 month package, which lowers the cost per bottle and serving, is worthwhile too.  

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